Manly Monday – Ladies, 4 Ways to Make Your Man Look Young…INSTANTLY!

tired man

Ladies, if your man isn’t a great believer in the power of beauty products, it’s upon you to take the first step and open his eyes to what he’s missing. We have countless amounts of products that are perfect for blokes, and especially ones to help target what’s probably our most excluded area of concern, the under eye area. This is one area we just don’t give enough respect to. Late nights, lack of sleep and excessive consumption of alcohol can all make us look far worse than our usual amazing selves. We don’t really go out and buy specific eye treatments, some of us may sneak a little from your bag, but we need you to help us. You do want your man looking good, don’t you? If you answered yes, then take a look at these products, all specially targeted to help us men look our best.


Anthony For Men Eye Cream

Kyuko for Men Eye Fuel

Decleor Men Skincare Eye Contour Energiser

Nuxe Men Multi-Purpose Eye Cream


These treatments are all specially designed to target the dark spots, bags and puffiness that are bound to show after a few big nights and hinder our youthful mugs. They’re packed with all the right stuff as well, like cucumber, shea and cocoa butter to moisturize, caffeine to add a burst of energizing benefits, and green tea and vitamin E to reduce the puffiness and deliver potent antioxidants.

You’ve heard of these before haven’t you? They’re in all of your products and you know they do wonders for your skin. So help out the man in your life and treat him to a product that you’ll both benefit from. He’ll think he looks amazing and young again, and you won’t have to look at those tired eyes.

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