Manly Monday – Competition Heats Up

The 30-day Ab Challenge has been the talk of the office this past week, so much so that it’s made its way all the way up to the 5th floor of our office where JustFab resides, and to the ears of our greatly talented videographer, Aaron. As a recent addition to the lunchtime gym crew, Aaron is definitely not starting behind the eight ball. In fact I hear he’s even been doing situps in the shower in disappointment after he was left out of the starting lineup. Nothing personal mate, but those who seek shall be rewarded. So, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the 8th competitor in the hunt for iron abdominals, Aaron!

With Aaron as a new contender in the ranks, I thought it’d be interesting to see how he compares to the self-proclaimed Chief, Erik. Since he’s stuck behind the camera all day, I wondered how his preparation, plans and progress were shaping up compared to the bloke who thinks he’s the absolute beez neez. Have a read below, these lads aren’t short on confidence.

abs challenge


How would you describe your working out/fitness and health history?

Erik: I go through phases where I like to work out a lot and eat healthy, but they are few and far between. I am hoping after developing a raging six pack this month that I will be able to keep this up for the long term.

Aaron: Every morning I wake up extra early, do some light stretching, drink a protein shake, and watch Rocky and Remember the Titans until I get tired/ it’s time for work. Sometimes I play basketball.


Do you have a specific plan to gain an advantage this month?

Erik: Supplements and Sabotage.

Aaron: It’s all about sabotage. Slipping a little butter in everyone’s morning coffee, putting those cupcake-smelling candles around the office to make everyone hungry, offering everyone these Kalteen Swedish “nutrition” bars and convincing them they’ll help them “lose weight.”


 What is your workout regime going to include?

Erik: I am going to try to hit all the glamour muscles at least once a week. I also plan to start running a few days a week to try to burn off my belly. If I can keep with two workouts a day for the next month I’m going to have some rock solid B’s, T’s, D’s, L’s and A’s (biceps, triceps, deltoids, lats and abs).

Aaron: I found one of those machines from the 50’s that runs a band along your stomach until you have a 6 pack. If it worked for them it’ll work for me. Maybe some crunches.


What foods and drinks will you be looking to include and cut out?

Erik: I’m trying to cut out carbs whenever possible and substitute with a bunch of good protein foods. After workouts I drink a protein shake and eat a light lunch. Also, I’m trying to include more fine wines and vodkas into my diet, and get rid of the high carb and caloric beers I’m used to.

Aaron: Probably going to eat a lot more protein and fruits and vegetables. Either that or just a totally liquid diet. Does Diet Sunkist have protein?


What do you think your chances are of being competitive against the other contestants?

Erik: I have no competition so I refuse to answer this question

Aaron: Please see answer to gaining an advantage question. I like my odds. I also scheduled a spray on abs appointment for April 28th.



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