Manly Monday – “5 Things” Men Should Use

I take it as my responsibility on this blog to speak to my fellow men and open their eyes to the world of grooming in a way that won’t spook them like a kangaroo in the headlights. For instance, we’re not seeing many male products out there that speak of probiotic serums and vegetable cleaners with LCA Complex. But let me just tell you we’re not stupid and we’re not scared of those big words, we just don’t really care for how confusing and overshadowing they are. We want a product that will tell us what it’ll do, and if it does what it says it will, then we’ll stick to it and you’ve got yourselves a loyal customer. So not to worry lads, I’ve got you sorted with my “Five Things.”

Five Things will give me a chance to sieve through the plethora of products being thrown at me, and give you the simple rundown of what I feel is a must-add to your grooming regimen.


1. John Allan’s – Sport Conditioning Shampoo5things

Nothing better than a 2-in-1 product for the shower when you’re trying to conserve water in a house with three women. It refreshes, moisturizes and strengthens, all the things you need packed into a single product.  This is the quick and easy solution to healthy hair for those of us who care, but don’t see the point in buying multiple products.


2. Billy Jealousy – Face Moisturizer

We all need some moisturizing from time to time, especially those of us with naturally dry skin. Importantly, this isn’t too thick so it absorbs well and gives the skin a nice hydrating and soft feel, all without smelling like medicinal menthol that brands have been throwing at us lately.


3. Anthony For Men Logistics – Facial Scrub

We only need to use it a few times a week, but a facial scrub is a great addition to any blokes regime. If you’re getting dry, oily or damaged skin, a scrub will help to clean it all up and give you a clean slate. Great thing about this scrub is that the citrus scent is like nothing else out there.


4. John Allan’s – Matte Pomade

A ridiculously nice smelling hair product that gives the solid hold of pomade without that greasy looking shine. This product is light enough that it doesn’t rip out my weak and dwindling hair, though still provides great texture and freedom of style.


5. Billy Jealousy – Super-Slick Shave Cream

I have completely gone off foam in a can or even a gel you smudge across your face. As the name would suggest, this shave cream is giving you a slick surface to shave on, and it makes shaving in easily irritable and sensitive places, such as the neck, a breeze. There’s no real need for a pre-shave oil, despite my continued use and fondness for them, as this product has it all covered.


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