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MANLY MONDAY – LA Exercise Trends

T’is the season of giving, to be jolly, to enjoy the company of loved ones, and an excuse to indulge in a plethora of baked goods, desserts and egg nog. We’ve just been through the big indulgence period of Halloween and Thanksgiving, which for most would include an insane amount of candy and sugar, followed by an oversize turkey, with cranberry sauce, puddings and sides, or maybe a turducken if you’re lucky. Now we’ve got a little break in proceedings, but the holiday period is only beginning, with Christmas and New Years just around the corner. Everyone wants to believe they can restrain themselves, or just wait until the New Year so they can once again dream of a resolution that includes getting a gym membership and maybe even using it. But why not start now? Beat the rush of guilty festive eaters; let’s be honest, they’re as inevitable as a drunken text from your ex.

So, we all know what’s best for us, but simply running around the block can be boring and discouraging. But here in LA we’ve got celebs, big-name actors, the models and the housewives that are all searching for that completely random, yet in some way advantageous health trick. So I’ve done a bit of research and put together the 5 current exercise and health trends. Forgive me if I’m not so jubilant with a few of these, guess which ones.

1.  Pop Physique

Known on Twitter as “#Buttschool”, Pop Physique is a stylish new workout and lifestyle school, with locations throughout LA. A single one-hour session blends dynamics of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength work, all set to pop music to maximize the flow of the workout. Beginning just three years ago, Pop Physique continues to get raving reviews for being one of the most fun and challenging places to burn away those extra pounds, with what seems like a focus on the butt. No raving.

2.  Cycle House

Combining a spinning class with charity, this fusion fitness house makes working out even better knowing your benefiting more than just your glutes. With every class you sign up to, two meals are donated to someone in need through their partnership with Feeding America. On top of all this, it’s a green studio, so all Angelinos can sleep easy knowing they did their little bit to help fight pollution without carpooling.

3.  Pressed Juicery

One in a slew of over-priced, over-descriptive juicery’s simply mixing up basic products found in at your local grocery, Pressed Juicery seems to have gotten the tick of approval by the celebs. The likes of Gwen Stefani, Zooey Deschanel and Nicole Ritchie all indulge in this blend of nutrient-rich, raw juices. They’ve even got chlorophyll H2O, adding that vital molecule that turns sunlight into energy – for PLANTS.

4.  Kangoo Jumps

Firstly, these things look ridiculous, but if the Kim and Kourtney Kardashian endorse them then surely they’re amazing, right? They’re a type of jumping boots made especially for running and jogging. They are low impact and hence provide the “ultimate comfort” to the jogger as compared to any normal sports shoes. So if you’re feeling a little precious and want to spend upwards of $200 to bounce along the sidewalk looking like an idiot, then go right ahead.

5.  CrossFit

Now if you’re looking to step it up a little, you’ve got to try CrossFit. Essentially it’s a combination of function and basic movement patterns, just done at a ridiculous intensity. It’s utilized by many police academies, tactical operations teams, military special operations units, and champion martial artists. Intense! Oh and Matt Damon. So if you’re looking to build up your muscle mass and pretty much scare your fat shitless, then this is the workout for you.



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