MANLY MONDAY – Runway: A man has his say

The runway is meant to showcase the best fashion has to offer and what we are meant to desire for the upcoming season. But when it comes to the woman’s catwalk, I’m sure I’m not the only bloke who feels that often some of these get-ups, hairdos and makeup look simply ridiculous. Typically judgmental and shallow? I think not ladies. We are no longer blinded by these 6’2 beautiful models with their fit physiques, legs as long as football posts, flawless skin, eyes that make you weak at the knees…okay NOW we’re no longer like that. The modern man has evolved. We’re not these heartless animals chasing the chalice of physical perfection. We want intellect, street smarts, and a sense of awareness of what’s right in the world. Unfortunately though the looks that follow don’t tick many of those boxes, if any, and seem to show little awareness of anything that’s right at all. Now please by all means if you think this is harsh, a bit off track or just completely wrong then let me know. But I struggle to see this happening with the following.

Photo courtesy of MTV

This can only be described as Alice in Wonderland meets a mouse, or maybe Sailor Moon crossed with a cat. I know as a model on runway its not about you, it’s all about the clothes and you shouldn’t show emotion to take away the focus. Well this bird has failed miserably as she looks plain old miserable. I think she must have taken a peep in the mirror and realized she should be the villain in a children’s cartoon.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

I’m not here to pass judgment on clothing, that’s not my job, and even though this women seems to be wearing tassels that should be hanging off my curtain in the living-room, I won’t go there. We’re concerned about the beauty side of things; the hair and makeup. I’m honestly not sure which way I should go with this. I’m torn between the fact that she either looks like a hipster that’s just hopped off her moped, or she’s been walking round with a spartan helmet on. I’m not too sure, but seeing as this is Ann Demeulemeester, notorious for some quite interesting hair designs, we shouldn’t be too surprised. Either way, the hat hair looks horrendous, but it is doing wonders for the curtain.

Photo courtesy of NY Daily News

Hello Simba, I am proud of you my son. Honestly though what it going on here? Is this meant to be a head piece? Is someone having a laugh on Photoshop, or is she just a spooked lioness flaring her mane in defense? Whatever’s going on we can hardly see her face, I don’t even think she knows where she’s going, and I’m not sure if it’s meant to signify nature with a full flock of feathers, but I’m pretty sure she belongs back in 2002 with Austin Powers in Goldmember.

Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post

I honestly thought this was a joke when I first saw it. I’ve deliberately left my personal favorite until last and quite frankly I’m lost for words. I must congratulate her though as she is doing a much better job than our first model in keeping a professional frame of mind, especially seeing as she looks like she got in a fight with a peacock… and lost!


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