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BY Sam · November 5, 2012

With Movember now in full swing and the cooler months setting in, facial hair is back in a big way. If you’ve signed up for Movember, then please abide by the rules and trim the beard. We want to see the Mo’s out and proud, not hiding behind the bushes. But if you’re just in the mood for a bit of coverage on the face, then I advise keeping up with the Grooming Lounge. Comprising an array of fine men’s grooming products and services — as well as skin and body care products and fragrances —the Grooming Lounge has all you need to grow and maintain your facial hair.

First things first though, you need to (be able to) grow your beard and push through some awkward weeks (or months depending on the rate of your growth). If you’re lucky enough this may not apply to you, but a lot of blokes who’ve grown a beard understand there’s times when you question your decision. When you’re at that length when it’s more than stubble, but not yet full growth, it can be itchy as hell. Push through. Then, you’ve got to deal with co-workers or a lady friend who may not be too sure if you’re plain lazy or secretly drinking every night and looking hung over each morning. When you’re at that stage, push through, and make sure you’re maintaining an appropriate spread. Example: neck beard. We don’t want to see a connection between your beard and chest hair, so keep it clean and make sure that hair between points b. and c. (as pictured) is removed.

Once you’ve got solid coverage, you need to be able to maintain it. Just like the hair on top of our heads, we need to take care of our beards. This means we’re not going to let it get out of control — unless you’re going for the Grizzly Adams look. So setting beard boundaries on the cheeks and neck is critical. Get this part wrong, even slightly, and you’re looking at an early exit or a period of time looking stupid. It is advised for the neck area to keep it about an inch below the jaw line (line b.), and for the cheeks, follow your smile lines (line d.) all the way up to your sideburns. Whatever you’re using, trimmer or blade, make sure you maintain the symmetry. Again, you don’t want to cut too deep into your beard from the neck or cheeks, so take your time, this is a beard we’re talking about, it’s not just a walk in the park. Importantly now you must remember that although you’re not fully shaving, you’re still using a razor on your skin, so apply Grooming Lounge Best for Last After Shave. No matter the area you’ve shaved, it’s imperative to soothe and calm the skin, keeping ingrown hairs at bay, especially around the sensitive neck area.

Once you have acquired that desired look, keep it, maintain it, and embrace it. Not every bloke is lucky enough to be able to grow a beard, so you’ve got to cherish it. Good luck growing.

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