MANLY MONDAY: The Blind Barber

After conquering New York, the Blind Barber has made the move out to LA and is absolutely killing it. Combining a classic barber shop of straight razor shaves and Don Draper-esque trims, with a speakeasy bar that the roaring 20’s would be proud of, Blind Barber has made a name for itself in the heart of downtown Culver City.

From the outside, one could be mistaken for thinking this is just your ordinary barber shop. You’ve got the token red, white and blue swirly pole out the front, a small shop front with a couple of classic stools, and friendly staff that deliver some modern cuts and styles.

My first clue however for this place not being any normal barber came when I was asked what I wanted to drink. At a salon you’ll be lucky to get a coffee, maybe a glass of water. How about a beer, a Hendrick’s gin and tonic, maybe a single malt scotch on the rocks, or even a seasonal cocktail? All complimentary of course as you recline in the stool and ponder life in a burgundy suit.

Personally, I don’t like going to the hairdresser. I’m like a child scared of the dentist, yet my insecurities stem from the existing hair, or lack there of, on my head. Having to sit in front of a big mirror with nowhere else to stare but at the imminent receding hairline is not my idea of fun. Though to my utter joy, Nicky the barber found a way to make me not want to walk out of the store with my beanie on. I don’t know how he did it, but this isn’t your normal short back and sides kind of place. These people know what they’re doing, they know how to cut and style hair, and I think the beer was a damn good idea. There’s nothing quite like turning the clock back on a lazy Sunday and getting taken care of with a nice hot towel treatment, before feeling like a boss getting a straight razor shave, and finishing with a quality cut.

Once I’ve had the luxury treatment, I’m not going to say no to another drink either, and as if taken directly from prohibition times, the back door of the barber leads directly to a huge bar and open lounge area. Decked out with padded round couches, antique radios and a shelf of liquor, you become immersed in vintage living. Sit back and relax with a bowl of chips, grilled cheese sandwich, and of course another beverage.

I must also let you know that you’re not just paying for all the treatment; you’re paying for quality products. Blind Barber isn’t just providing a service; they’re using their very own grooming products on every customer. So often you go to a hairdresser and they’re using an array of random products, often one’s they don’t even stock, solutions they don’t know, and probably ones they wouldn’t even use themselves. Well at the Blind Barber they’re using all their own stuff. From their Wild Watermelon Gin Shave Cream, Aftershave for once the straight razor did its thing, to a 90 Proof Pomade that gives a thickening appearance, even to my dwindling strands. These are all quality products, and you get the luxury of having first use.

Modern, on-trend cuts, with liquor flowing in a laid back, vintage setting. It’s the perfect blend.


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