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I’ve been lucky enough in my short tenure at DermStore thus far to have gotten my hands on a number of products that I’m using on a regular basis. But the one thing I’ve been yearning to attain is some quality shaving products. I spoke a few weeks ago on the Grooming Lounge and how one can master their beard. Well, I’m now fortunate enough to have in my possession some of the Grooming Lounge’s famous men’s grooming products. Movember is over, and although I’m not ready to part with my upper lip newborn, when the time is right, I think I’ve found how I want it to go down.

The Grooming Lounge features heavily at home.

My beard is annoying, it gets ridiculously itchy, is deceptively rough and coarse, and most of the time I can’t even be bothered shaving. Though for some reason I got my genes from the milkman and I need to shave quite often or else I could easily depict Teen Wolf. So, it has been since my mid-teens when my old man first taught me how to shave with a welcome to the club tap on my shoulder that I’ve been cutting, irritating and attempting to groom my facial hair. I can’t trim and maintain good stubble as I get too bad a rash just to the side of my chin after a few days, so every time I shave, I’m smooth like a babies bum. Though with this I also picked up the bad habit of shaving against the grain — trying to get as smooth as possible — so I do put my skin through a lot, so every time I do shave, it’s a specific routine that I stick to.

So, after wetting the face of course, we begin with the Grooming Lounge Beard Master Shave Oil. Now I have never used shaving oil before, but I always liked the idea of it seeing as my beard can get quite rough. Well, let me tell you, it helps a ton. Splashing the face with water always seemed like it helped the razor glide, but this stuff, it’s like a lubricating, protective layer that gave me the confidence to shave around all the delicate areas, like the Adam’s apple.  There’s nothing worse than having your skin latch on and pull when you shave, but with the shave oil, this wasn’t a hassle.

Next up, the shaving cream. Now for the longest time I’ve been using shaving gel. I always felt that it helped provide moisture and smooth my skin, as opposed to a tin of cheap foam. But the Grooming Lounge has got something different, and something that allows for a much easier and more comfortable shave. The Grooming Lounge beard destroyer shave cream, sounds like a man’s product doesn’t it, is a low-foaming, lubricating cream that honestly feels like you’re using a moisturizer. You add a little bit of water to activate the cream, and coupled with the shave oil, you’ve got the most sensitive, delicate and caring shave I’ve ever had.

Although I never used to use it, I have a classic memory of my Dad slapping aftershave upon his cheeks after a shave in such a deliberate fashion that I always thought it was missing a vital step. Well now I’ve got the Grooming Lounge best for last aftershave, a soothing balm that helps keep those irritable areas, like around my chin, at bay, allowing me to feel a little better about my skin and not see red rashes in the mirror straight after I shave. Now I know they say the aftershave is the end of the shaving ritual, but I’m a little OCD when it comes to my routine, and I must shower immediately after I shave. Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know myself, it’s just what I do as I think it helps soothe my skin. I’ve deliberately missed one step though, and that’s as I’ve been using the Grooming Lounge mug cleaner face wash during post-shave, rather than pre-shave. I know it’s meant to prepare your face to shave, but the oil and cream do all the work themselves, and as I said, it’s just this weird thing that I have to do after every shave. It’s a final step to cleanse and treat my sensitive skin, and with a nice fragrance to boot, I don’t see my routine changing anytime soon.

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