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MANLY MONDAY: The Human Ken Doll

So a couple of months back I wrote an article on Valeria Lukyanova and The Ukraine’s ‘Barbie Flu. This was a disturbing story of a 21-year-old who had morphed herself into an expressionless, seemingly emotionless and lifeless children’s doll. There have been various reports on the amount of surgeries this young woman may or may not have had, though the common negative and concerned reactions could not be mistaken. Yes you can all say each to their own, it’s her choice, she’s doing what makes her feel comfortable and happy, but no way can I accept this being okay when she is spreading herself all over the global media to taint our current generation of Barbie adorers. 

Well now it seems Barbie has found her Ken (sorry, I’m not sorry) in the form of 32-year-old Justin Jedlica. Branded the “Human Ken Doll“, Justin is more than happy discussing his appearance and just how much it cost him to look the way he does. 90-100 cosmetic procedures, including 11 full-on, under anesthesia surgical procedures over a 10-year period has transformed Justin into what I can only see as a piece of plastic. Everything from brow lifts, to numerous rhinoplasties, cheek augmentation, lip augmentation, chin augmentation, buttock augmentation, pec implants, bicep implants, tricep implants and so on…thus far he says.

Racking up close to a ridiculous $100,000 in procedures, Justin describes it as an extension of his creativity, treating himself as a sculpture and a piece of art. I’m not sure I see the same correlation though between the work of art seen in a painting, or even the artistic nature of hair styling or makeup artistry. This isn’t a blank canvas you get to start over on either, these are permanent and, after so many, dangerous alterations he is making to his body. Various doctors have publicly told Justin that he’s been fortunate, and with that many procedures and implants in his body, there is a much higher chance of infection, the implants moving and causing damaging pressure to his skin.

This all doesn’t seem to phase him though, indicating he see’s no reason to stop now. To him it’s as simple as redecorating your home, “your house changes with you, right,” Justin said.

“My analogy is that when you travel around the world, you bring things back with you. My ideal of beauty has changed from when I was 18 versus now when I’m 32 because I’ve exposed myself to different cultures and different people, so of course my ideal of beauty has modified”.

I don’t think anyone has turned to such drastic measures when they feel a wave of inspiration. You write a blog, scribble in your book, get a new haircut, change your clothes or buy something for memories sake. Honestly this reasoning is a joke.

I think the very fact that he’s calling himself a piece of art and something that can be easily altered is concerning. He’s also going into the consulting business to help other people modify themselves as he has, and it all just seems as though he’s glorifying the amount and types of work he has had done. Take his Twitter for example:

@JustinJedlica—”90+ Cosmetic procedures help me to remodel myself. I hope to inspire & educate anyone who has ever wanted to modify themselves!”

If we thought the younger generations were struggling to get away from the TV and just enjoy the outdoors, well this may now be a much greater problem we face. Why workout, why go to the gym, why push yourself and work up a sweat when you can just get a quick fix? That’s Justin’s mentality as the concept of going to the gym just isn’t appealing to him.

I understand self-expression is a great thing, but when it gets to this point where he too is being sprawled across every medium for children to see, it’s just wrong.

But why has it taken 10 years and this many procedures for his story to be told? Why do we have to hear it now anyway? Why didn’t we hear about him after his 5th rhinoplasty? I think the biggest concern lies with the fact that we the media seem to be pushing the boundary ourselves, and that may be leading people to alter themselves to be different and, as Justin put it, to seek validation. No longer are breast implants or a nose job newsworthy or entertaining for audiences. They want to hear stories of what would seem like unrealistic transformations and bagel head injections

Like the human Barbie doll this just seems like far too much. It isn’t normal, it’s disturbing to look at, and I cannot believe that this is anyone’s perception of beauty.



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