It seems like years since I’ve heard anything about bars of soap. They were the go-to scrub when I was a child, the thing that could do it all for every part of your body. We’ve seemed to have moved on from soap though to little squirt bottles for our hands, various showers gels and coconut-scented cleansers, but one brand is still flying the soap flag for the protection of our complexion. Erno Laszlo and their Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar has been around for years and is still receiving glowing reviews, most recently in an article by our very own chief editor Liz. Combined with their oils, lotions and moisturizers, Erno Laszlo has created “The Ritual”. I couldn’t quite understand all the hype over a bar of soap and a couple of creams, so for the past few weeks I’ve been testing it out with their Light Controlling Lotion.

Firstly, some people complete The Ritual with the Hydraphel Day Cream and Shake-It Tinted Treatment. But in order to maximize the effectiveness of a moisturizer, the soap and controlling lotion treatment is essential, holding the key to the The Ritual, and what I have been focusing on.

So, you’ve got your bar of soap and lotion and you’re ready to begin scrubbing away, but, let me assure you, this is no ordinary bar of soap that you’d find under an old tin of shaving foam in your isle at VONS. There is a specific process associated to the soap, and one that must be followed if you are to enjoy its potential. It’s called the “30 Splashes” technique, and has been a stalwart of Laszlo treatments for decades. I’ve had troubles for years with oily skin and trouble areas from shaving, which can then just as easily dry out and cause me to peel. So, although 30 splashes does sound a little excessive, I’m not judging a technique that was around before the baby boomers.

It’s quite simple as well, only requiring a few easy steps. Firstly, fill up your basin with warm water, dunk the soap in, and then gently rub it all over your face and neck. Then get up a lather and give yourself a solid layer, covering all areas. Now comes some splashes. Put the soap back in the basin of water and splash your face 20 times. Drain the soapy water and then using normal warm water, splash your face another 10 times to rinse. First part done. Next comes the lotion, and they say to soak a cotton ball to apply, but that’s one thing that hasn’t ever featured on my shopping list, so I’ve been simply pressing the lotion in my skin using the tips of my fingers. Try and do this two times a day, and that’s your ritual done.

Now it’s been a couple of weeks since I started using Erno Laszlo and I must say I feel the difference. I was even feeling comfortable enough with the products that they were used to say goodbye to my 2-month-old, quality mo. But in all seriousness, something that can soften my skin, and make it look and feel smooth is absolute gold. It has helped so much with shaving it’s almost unbelievable. Shaving over the most troublesome spots is almost a breeze, and those 30 splashes are now just another part of my routine.

Remember this is a bar of soap as well, it’s not some tin that’s going to run out on you in no time. I’ve been using mine every day for a few weeks and it hardly looks like it’s aged a day.  Soap has come a long way from what I remember it being, but the same rules Mum used to yell out still apply; don’t forget to wash with soap love! Thanks Mum.

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