MANLY MONDAY – What Happened to the Shaving Brush?

When my old man first taught me to shave, one of the biggest highlights was being able to use a shaving brush. There was just something about it that screamed I’m a man and I need to lather correctly to shave my bristles. You watch any movie back in the 40’s and 50’s, especially westerns, and you’re bound to see the shaving brush in action. But shaving became a lost art, and the classic shaving brush, the starting point of the glorious male tradition, was left out in the cold. Somewhere along the line shaving became more about cheap disposable BIC razors and canned foam, rather than a precision-made metal tool and quality ingredients. It became a chore, something you’d rush to do in the morning without even thinking twice. The Art of Shaving 3.4

Well, now that men of all ages have woken up and started paying more attention to grooming techniques, it’s no wonder we’re starting to see a resurgence of the shaving brush. A quality, 100% badger-hair shaving brush is so important to getting the perfect shave, and if there’s one thing you do look to change in your shaving routine, the impact of a brush will amaze you.

For years I’ve been employing the open palm rubbing method of applying a shaving gel. The shaving brush seemed cool, but I always thought I was too busy and opted for convenience. But let me assure you, using a Pure Badger Shaving Brush to lather up the fresh scent of Sandalwood Shaving Cream from is not just pampering yourself, it’s the best possible way to prepare your skin and bristles for the closest, most comfortable shave.

A quality shaving brush—made from 100% badger hair and costing anywhere between $50 and $500—is able to absorb and retain hot water impossible to get with your fingers alone. The result is a thicker, more effective and emollient lather for you to brush across your face and neck with an up-down motion. This technique lifts your bristles and keeps them up in the thick lather, exposing them ready for the blade. The soft badger hair also gently exfoliates, removing the dead skin from your face, allowing for a much smoother and cleaner shave.

So the purpose of all this? Well, apart from looking like an absolute vintage boss gliding badger hair across your whiskers asserting one’s personality and manly affluence, the shaving brush will:

  • Generate more lather
  • Use less shaving cream, gel or soap
  • Lift hair on your face
  • Naturally exfoliate your skin
  • Deliver a closer and better shave
  • Result in less irritation, razor burn, & ingrown hairs


Be a man. Use the badger.

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One Response to “MANLY MONDAY – What Happened to the Shaving Brush?”

  1. George

    I’ve been thinking about getting something like this for a while. I’m still new to the ‘manly shave’ since I primarily use an electric razor for everyday shaving. But when I am getting ready to go out I always use my trusty Gillette. Adding a shaving brush to the mix is definitely my next buy.

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