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Manly Monday – Zirh

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve got a little problem when it comes to grooming products. It’s just one of those perks of the job, plus being drastically outnumbered in the office I seem to be the first point of call when it comes to new male products, so who am I to say no to world-renowned brands offering up some of the latest and greatest products? Despite my cupboard no longer being able to contain my supplies, I was determined to try Zirh, regarded as one of the top makers of shaving and skin care products for men. This is the brand that actor Brandon Johnson can’t get enough of, and if it’s good enough for a man in front of the camera, I’m on board.zirh

So I got my hands on Zirh Clean and Protect, and with so many products at home with ridiculous names like bluff perfector and matifying lotion that I can’t even begin to start understanding what they’re meant for, here I know what I’ve got coming. I want to clean my skin, and then keep it protected. Great. Simple. And smart if you ask me. As you may have guessed, Zirh Clean is a cleanser, but how many guys do you know talking about how they need a cleanser to cleanse their complexion of impurities? I wouldn’t have thought a lot, and frankly that type of marketing is just going to fail. But, how many guys need to clean their face, remove dirt and oil without leaving the skin too dry? Now there we have something that doesn’t try and over-complicate things or sell you on its cell-renewing capabilities—what the hell does that mean!?

What I like most about Zirh Clean is that it’s an easy-to-use product for ridding the skin of all the trash, oil and dirt that can build up on your face so easily out in the harsh LA environment. Twice daily—when I wake up and after a day at work—Clean gives a fresh and revitalized feeling that’s needed with my skin’s ridiculous ability to jump around from being oily to dry. Added bonus: Menthol and Salicylic Acid cool the skin, reducing irritation and redness, so it’s perfect for the pre-shave ritual.

Then we’ve got Zirh Protect, a daily moisturizer for oily to normal skin types. Now when it comes to a moisturizer there’s one thing that I look for and judge a product on—its texture. Honestly there’s nothing worse than rubbing in some cheap moisturizer that doesn’t absorb, rather smudging all over your face like some thick glue or sunscreen. Well lucky for us Zirh Protect is as light as they come, while providing protection I’ve never even seen in a moisturizer. Vitamin A, E and Pycnogenol are key ingredients that help soothe and smooth the skin, improving your elasticity. Now for those of you who have no idea what that means, simply it’s all to help slow the signs of aging. I know at 24 I shouldn’t be worrying about such things, but when a bunch of attractive 20 and 21-year-old women trash talk me about my apparent wrinkles and accompanying thinning hair line, I’m glad there’s a product that can help me out.



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