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Manna Kadar:Beauty Simplified

BY guestblogger · November 9, 2012

Do you feel like your lashes are dull and lifeless? No matter how many layers of mascara you pack on, are you still not getting that volume and thickness and fierce flutter that you are looking for? Well ladies, I have found a solution for you: lash primer! Lash Primer is used to create lust worthy lashes and is developed to nourish and enhance lashes, while creating a base coat that amplifies mascara effects. This product will keep your mascara on your lashes where it belongs.  When choosing a lash primer, keep in mind there are generally two types- fiber based and cream based.  If you wear contacts, steer clear of fiber based formulations as the fibers that adhere to your mascara may fall into your contact lenses and cause irritation.  Cream based primers are a great alternative and cosmetics companies have really upped the ante by even including lash conditioners for a double-duty punch to their lash primers.  A notable lash primer from the new revolution in beauty, MANNA Kadar Cosmetics will leave you with luscious lashes that will grab everyone’s attention and have them asking you if you have false lashes on!  This lash primer can be used at night as a lash conditioner. It will help heal and keep your lashes healthy and prevent the breakage that many over the counter mascara’s create!

Keep your Beauty Simplified with MANNA Kadar Cosmetics!

About the Author: Manna Kadar

Bio: Beauty Industry Veteran and celebrity makeup artist of over 16 years, Manna Kadar created a line of multi-functional, double duty cosmetics that is fun, feminine and most importantly, functional.

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