Mo Sistas Unite

The manly month of Movember wouldn’t be the same without our Mo Sistas. It is true what they say; behind every great Mo Bro is a great Mo Sista. With the role of providing  those needed pep talks and words of wisdom when the times get tough, our Mo Sistas are active and integral thistles to our bristles.

We understand not everyone is a fan of the stache, but please ladies get around us as we need your support. It may be a blokes first time growing the whiskers, and trust me, it can be a daunting task. We don’t know if it’s going to be a failure, if we’ll look like we’re in the right generation, or if people will be simply repulsed by what can look like a seedy patch of fluff. It has been advised that ladies should get comfortable with the moustache, touch it, get to know it, love it! Then, jump right into Movember.

Mo Sista Checklist:

•    Register as a Mo Sista
•    Start a Team
•    Recruit Mo Bros and Mo Sistas
•    Raise Funds
•    Ask a Mo Bro if he’s had an annual health check up and if over 40, a PSA Test
•    Always smile at a Mo Bro, complement his Mo. That helps them grow. FACT.

Join the Hairy Hunt here Mo Sistas!


DS Mo Sista, Beth Newbauer

As a Mo Sista I aim to make myself available and play a role of support to my fellow DS Bros. when in need. Yes, they are men, but let’s be honest, men can be sensitive at times and need the extra push to stay strong and grow the Mo to the best of their abilities. I take pride in what I do as a Mo Sista, and encourage you to do the same when given the opportunity. Granted, the stache can often look creepy, and by no means do the DS Bros. resemble a bunch of Tom Sellecks or Burt Reynolds-es running around the office (they may disagree). But it’s for a great cause and for the ladies a good laugh, so what more can you ask for?

My biggest tip for growing the mo? Just go with it. Yes you may look like a predator, porn star, or someone that should be driving a white van with tinted windows, but you need to own it! Give men with Mo’s a better name. Be proud to wear the Mo and don’t shy away. Grow it and Show it. When you need a push, advice, styling tips, etc, I’m your girl! When you need inspiration beyond that, just remember it’s all for men’s health, so“Mo Up!”


DS Mo Sista, Jenna Kulp

As a Mo Sista I am here to ensure that all of our Mo Bros. are supported and are never beaten down in the process of growing that mo of glory. To be that bro to grow a Mo, you have to have the right attitude. It’s a symbol of masculinity and a rite of passage for most men. A man with a Mo has to earn it, and most of all, own it! He has to have that certain something that yells from the top of a mountain, ‘I am a man, see my Mo!’ For the cause.


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