Mondays with Michelle: Fix Droopy Eyelids, No Surgery Needed

Ask the Esthetician

Q: My eyelids are looking so droopy. I want to fix my sagging skin, but I’m worried there’s nothing I can do about it short of plastic surgery or some other drastic measure. Do you know of any products that can help?

A:Yes! Perricone MD makes an amazing product especially for this particular issue. It’s called Acyl Glutathione Eye Lid Serum and from what I’ve seen, it works beautifully on sagging skin and droopy eyelids.

3 Responses to “Mondays with Michelle: Fix Droopy Eyelids, No Surgery Needed”

  1. Patti DelValle

    Is this the same as “hooded eyes”? I have the life-long pain in the rumpus from this and nothing, absolutely nothing, has helped. Will this?
    I have spent SO much money I am hesitant to try this-and spend more.

  2. Beth

    Without seeing your skin first hand, it is hard to know. If your eyelids are truly hooded then this product may not work to tighten the skin. This serum is supposed to be amazing for tightening slack skin, but slack skin and hooded eyelids are 2 different things.

  3. Plant extracts

    Blepharitis . Inflammation of the eyelids with crusting of the eyelashes, that may increase the risk of infection or inflammation of the cornea after LASIK.

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