Mondays with Michelle: Ways to Treat Visible Facial Veins

Ask the EstheticianQ: I am noticing blue facial veins on the sides of my nose and on my cheeks. What causes facial veins to show up? Is there a product that can help this?

A.What you’re experiencing are capillaries that have been damaged, stretched or swollen. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to treat this condition in the way of product. However, you can certainly prevent future damage. I highly recommend Eminence Couperose C Serum for that purpose—it really works to strengthen capillaries, and thanks to its vitamin E content, it’s effective in firming the skin. Your other option is professional treatment. Ask your dermatologist about an in-office procedure like an IPL (intense pulsed light) facial. IPL facials are good not only for visible facial veins, but hyperpigmentation as well.

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