Movember – The Finale

The month of Movember is coming to an end, and although this doesn’t mean I’m going to shave off my Mo anytime soon, our stint as the DS Mo Bros. is over. It has been an amazing four weeks. We’ve laughed, we’ve done an insane amount of fist pumping,  and we were all moved when Ryan “bumfluff” Amos pulled out of the running. But we have held strong in our plight to raise awareness for men’s health. In the face of various insults and minimal compliments, our Mo’s have reveled and grown courageously, and most importantly, have filled out quite nicely. We have also been fortunate enough to raise some money towards Movember & Sons USA. Spreading the word and raising awareness for men’s health was our purpose, but to raise some funds in the end was an added bonus. A special thanks to my Mum (I’m still Australian, I don’t spell it with an “o”), brother and good old Jessica for their donations in the closing stages.

So hopefully you’ve been keeping tabs on our growth either through the DermStore Facebook, or here on my blog. Our Mo’s have gone from strength to strength, and now we’re proud to show off the fruits of our labor. We want you to share with us your thoughts as well, by voting for who you think has grown the best Mo. Will it be Rey, who seems to be pouting a little too well. Will it be Erik, who’s got a very deliberate lean and pose happening. Or will it be me, Sam, the simple Australian just looking to fit in. So make sure you get to the polls – conveniently located below – and cast your vote before 5pm Friday, the 30th of Movember, Pacific Time. We’ve grown the Mo’s, we’ve raised some funds and a ton of awareness, and now it’s time to have your say. Until next year, Mo’s out.



Who can grow the Mo? (Voting closes 5pm Friday the 30th of November)

  • Erik (37%, 142 Votes)
  • Sam (28%, 107 Votes)
  • Rey (35%, 102 Votes)

Total Voters: 386

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