Movember – The Wrap Up

First and foremost, I just want to thank everyone who supported the DS Mo Bros. during the month of Movember. From our Mo Sistas Beth and Jenna, to everyone on the street that gave my Mo a second look or stood in front of their child as I looked suspicious, your support was unwavering. Special thanks must also go to those who donated, as we raised a $150 for Movember and fighting issues of men’s health.

Now I know there was a little bit of controversy when it came to going to the polls. There may have been a glitch or two on our end, words may have been spoken, last minute alliances may have been formed, and the guy from Australia with clearly the fullest Mo may have been getting a little bothered that the guy with the pencil Mo was beating him, but, who’s to say what really happened. All we know is that almost 400 people voted! Honestly, I was not expecting such a response. I was hoping our fellow workers would get amongst it, and of course I knew my Mother would always support her youngest, but thank you to all that took the time to cast a vote, it made for an epic day of poll watching.

So, without further ado, ladies and gentleman, in a resounding win, the man who created the poll himself…Reynaldo!


…Long live the Mo…

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