Movember – Week 2!

It is with great sadness that I report one of our Mo Bros. has fallen. We said we would never leave a man behind, but this is no walk in the park, this is Mo growing and it has claimed one of our finest and to be honest our only Operations Coordinator. Was it newly-wed nerves, were those whiskers starting to resemble the lead singer of Cog far too much? We may never know. It was a pleasure and an honor growing hair with you Ryan, you will be missed.

Ryan looking like he's about to burst into tears of regret.

So then there were three. Three soldiers gallantly left standing growing seedy Mo’s on the face of men’s health. I cannot tell you how many comments (99% negative) I’ve received from my Mo – that one percent being another bloke I saw who was also growing out his ‘stache; we caught eyes, and there was a simple nodding of the head in support and appreciation. It doesn’t matter though what sort of flack I’ve been copping, which includes being told I look like Ron Jeremy in his heyday, and being asked if I have any candy out in my mini van. We are spreading awareness, and that’s the pulling power of the Mo. It intrigues people, you catch people starring, and then you look at them and say ‘yeah that’s right, I’ve got a Mo…want to touch it?’ Generally the response is no, but it gets people talking about the reasons behind the Mo and that’s exactly what we’re after.

The DermStore Mo Bros. left have done an amazing job so far, and with a good two weeks worth of growth left in us, I’m excited to see the end results. Remember if you see a bloke who’s growing the Mo, give him a nod, a wink, a short word of encouragement as we need everyone’s support to keep all Mo Bros. sprouting through Movember. Spread the word of Movember and have a chat to your mates, Dad, or brother about men’s health. Whether it’s prostate cancer, testicular cancer or depression, these are sensitive areas that blokes usually try and stray away from. But we’re here to talk, to listen, and raise awareness for the cause. Happy growing fellas, and remember, it gets fuller!

I'm proud thus far.

Erik's getting smarter by the day.

Please don't hurt us Rey.


┬áPlease keep up with our progress here and on the DermStore Facebook page. Leave comments, words of wisdom, or even your tip for who’s going to grow the fullest, manliest Mo.

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