Movember – Week 3

It’s coming down to the business end of Movember, and despite an unkempt Mo creeping into my mouth, we are obliged to carry on. One must only take a look in the mirror and feel proud of their mo growing abilities, or, as I discovered yesterday, eat a frosted donut and get to indulge in some delicious frosting courtesy of your catchment device some time later.

We are happy to report that we did receive a donation from a friend back in Australia, and with the amount of banter that’s been happening over Facebook, these Mo’s have been raising more than their fair share of awareness. But it is the holiday season, a time for giving, so please dig deep and donate towards Movember and men’s health.

Rey is already in the festive mood and has checked out for the week, but he assures me the Mo is still in full flight, and in his words, he’s starting to resemble a bald Jack Sparrow. We eagerly await his return and see what truth lies to this bold statement. But for now you’ve got myself and Erik “policeman” Bettis facing off, let us know what you think.

Sam the wise & Constable Erik



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