It’s that time of the year again when us men have a legitimate excuse to be lazy and cast away the razor. It’s Movember, the manliest time of the year where we can sit back and watch those bristles on the upper lip grow. Australia and New Zealand have been flying the Movember flag since 2004, raising critical awareness and money for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression. By 2007, Movember events were launched across the world, and impressively this year, the Global Journal has listed Movember as one of the top 100 non-government organizations in the world. The whole month is taken fairly lightly as a good chance to show off your mo growing abilities, but raising awareness and a bit of money along the way for men’s health is so invaluable.

Here at DermStore we’re joining in and doing our little bit. Four men have gallantly put their hands up to go into battle for the cause. We are committed, we will watch old Tom Selleck movies, and we will not shave! But who’s mo will go above and beyond expectation? Meet the team:

Erik Bettis: The Chief Analyst with his baby face and patchy growth lies at an outside chance of growing a decent mo. We will support him along his journey as he discovers a whole new world of whiskers.


Ryan Amos: We know the Operations Coordinator is dedicated. He’s worked hard to get permission to grow his mo and now he’s ready to step up and let his mo do the talking.


Rey Tolentino: The Front-End Developer is a man of few words. He works hard, has a mean layup, and going on what his beard can do over four days, I think we’ll be seeing an impressive mo.


Sam Pick: My mo growing history is slim. I used to don what I thought was a great looking soul patch, but the upper lip growth has always eluded me. I’m hoping the thinning hairline doesn’t resemble a thin and disappointing mo.


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