Must-Have Makeup Trends

As I’m sure you know, I love talking about makeup, beauty products and the latest makeup trends. So in between looks at DermStore’s latest photo shoot, I chatted with the makeup artist, Liza Zaretsky, about what she saw on the fall runways and what our faces should be wearing this summer. Make sure you check out her tumblr, she has tons of fun inspiration photos!


  • Go Bronze, or Go Home: Bronzer is pretty self-explanatory, but you can take this trend a step further and use the bronzer on your eyes and find a bronze lip gloss for a bronze monotone look.


  • Orange You Glad To See Me? Give your lips, cheeks and nails a taste of citrus with orange tones like peach, tangerine and coral. I love this for summer, especially on nails, because I love the pop of color. Also, a coral lip is such a nice variation on a red lip but gives it a seasonal twist.


  • Dew Diligence: Invest in a good highlighter! Liza taught me a nice little trick, apply highlighter to the corners of your eyes in a sideways “V” it gives them a subtle, yet very pretty highlight.


  • Oh Lollipop! Bright lips stains are the best way to get that sweet, “lollipop effect” and it such an easy trend that anyone can do! Check out this fun Bella Sugar video  featuring a two DermStore products!


  • Brow Down: Full eyebrows are back again! You can easily accentuate yours with a brow powder, eyeshadow or a brow pencil, my personal favorite is from Anastasia – it is so easy to use and the color is great!


  • Get Graphic: Take your eyeliner to the next level this fall. Using liquid liner, draw a pronounced line on the eyes. If you are really feeling fun, do it in a fun color—blue is HUGE for fall!


  • Don Burgundy: Get with it and get your burgundy lipstick on. Liza says, “Velvet in texture, precisely drawn lips in various shades of dark red depending on skin tone.”

And there you have it! Have fun with all these makeup trends and be on the lookout for new models on!

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