My New Favorite Multi-Use Tinted Moisturizer

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for different face sunscreens or a tinted moisturizer with SPF that doesn’t leave my face oily and shiny.  I want great protection but at the same time, something that will moisturize my face as well.  I can’t just put sunscreen on because then I leave the house looking like a ghost and everyone knows that is not a cute look.  I have tried several different tinted moisturizers with SPF in them, but later in the day my face is so shiny and oily and that is not cute either.  The other day I was handed CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40.  The box promised a matte finish with great coverage for the face with SPF 40, I didn’t believe it.  How could it be promising me everything I have been looking for in one product?  I thought it was way too good to be true.

It’s no joke.  This product is everything I was looking for.  When I applied it to my face the first time I was a little scared because the color of the product is a lot darker then my skin color. Once I blended it in (I tried using a face sponge but that didn’t work for me, so I ended up using my fingers and that was perfect) it gave me such great color coverage. Plus, it has SPF 40 in it so I knew my face was going to be well protected.  I love that this product has a matte finish because it doesn’t leave my face oily or shiny.  Instead of worrying about my skin looking oily all day, I knew that my face was looking fabulous.

This product is seriously a multi-use tinted moisturizer.  It can be used just as your everyday tinted moisturizer, a face sunscreen before you hit the beach or just laying out by the pool.  Just because there is no sun or the temperature isn’t 90+ doesn’t mean you can stop using sunscreen.  No one wants sun spots or wrinkles so just remember a little sunscreen a day can go a long way.  Why not have a sunscreen that can also add some color to your face and moisturize it all at once.

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