Nail Polish That Lasts 2 Weeks? Yep, We Carry It. And You NEED It!

And NO, it’s NOT gel I’m talking about—I’m talking about this awesome nail polish that Deborah Lippmann has been making for years now.

Just so you all know, I got a mani/pedi on Thursday, January 17. My boyfriend and I were leaving for Palm Springs the following morning, and because the news people forecasted—accurately, mind you—pool weather, it was just something I had to do. (BTW, everyone who lives in LA NEEDS to know that Nail City, just east of Fairfax on Melrose, is open until 9 p.m. on weeknights. That’s right. 9. At. Night.)

Since that day and that trip, I have washed dishes upon dishes by hand, cooked dinners, scrubbed the bathroom, gone swimming, lifted weights, typed like, a LOT … a lot of “handiwork” if you will. (Are you jealous of my glam life or what?) And today, 11 full days later, my nails look like this.

Look at the regrowth at the base of my nailbeds if you don’t believe me.

Others in the office who have tried the Deborah Lippmann line are now as obsessed as I am. No more do I go to the nail salon without a polish from this brand. (This shade’s called “Modern Love” and it’s a nice neutral for uber-pale people like me—kinda a blend of grey, mauve and nude … with a little lavender thrown in for good measure.)

I’m telling you, Deborah Lippmann makes the best nail polishes around—fin. I have never in all my years seen a regular ol’ nail polish that doesn’t involve a UV lamp of some sort last like this.

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