New Beauty Products to Love from Cargo Cosmetics

Beauty products to try and love! I will speak for myself but I think it is safe to say that just about every female, beauty junkie or makeup lover has their set of perfect beauty products. These products create your ‘perfect face’, the ‘perfect face’ that needs to be applied to do your everyday tasks like:

  • Walking out the front door for work
  • Running errands on the weekend
  • Going to a casual birthday party, dinner or movie

Let’s be honest, there are occasions when more time is taken to apply your makeup but usually for the everyday look you have those prime elements that make up your ‘perfect face’. Now for those people reading this who don’t get the whole ‘perfect face’ talk. . .congratulations for being born with literally a PERFECT FACE, one you wake up with and go to bed with. Some of us need to ‘enhance’ ours —not cover it up, just enhance.

My prime elements have to be my moisturizer, a primer, foundation, blush, my eyebrow pencil, lipstick & (take a wild guess . . . yes) MASCARA! I mean obviously I could go on and on about all the fabulous beauty products you can apply to your face, but to really keep it at my prime elements those would be it!

It is true some of us don’t venture past our favorites; some don’t even like trying different or new products. I will admit I used to be a creature of habit as well. I always thought that there could never be anything better out there, I had found the best! Well, I was wrong. I have learned that there are so many fabulous products out there, products to be tried and loved! Products that could even contribute to your ‘perfect face’, products that could even be part of your daily makeup regimen!

Two products that I have come across and fallen head over heels for come from the brand Cargo Cosmetics, if this is your first time hearing this brand I recommend looking it up . . . immediately!  Among their numerous products two of my favorites have to be their CheekActivators and their LashActivators. The amazing thing about these products is that they are doing more than just adding color. For example, the CheekActivator is a cream blush that you squeeze from a tube it plumps, lifts and sculpts the cheek while still giving a rosy glow. It is really awesome, when you first squeeze the product out it almost looks like a white color (totally tricks you) but once you gently rub it into the cheeks the color beads activate! The more you rub the more color is released allowing you to customize the perfect shade for yourself!

The LashActivator is far more than mascara; it actually is a unique primer/mascara that boosts the appearance of lashes in just 30 days! If you use it properly the result will be longer, thicker lashes. This product can be applied like regular mascara for a natural look to the lashes or under your favorite mascara as a primer to give an added boost to your lashes. I have been using it completely by itself, and it is amazing!

So if you are feeling a bit adventurous and would like to try something new, I would start with these products! Go ahead, give it a try. I dare you. . .

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  1. Janet@hyperpigmentationonface

    It is always fun to try new products. Who knows you might find something you can not live with out.

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