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New Year, Fresh Start Thanks to Perricone MD

BY Marissa · January 13, 2012

2012 is here and I’m ready to get my skin and body back in order after an intense holiday adventure of traveling and overindulging. A big fan of Perricone MD products and recent facebook like to Dr. Perricone’s facebook page, has me thinking of doing an overhaul to my diet to achieve radiant, healthy skin. The idea of changing my normal consumption habits is slightly overwhelming until I saw all the fresh produce and fish options showcased on Well + Good NYC’s article with Dr. Perricone  himself. (Check out the photo of his refrigerator. Evidence that the doctor himself adheres to his own advice.)

The challenge: start incorporating fresh, healthy produce and fish to my diet, combine that with Perricone MD’s supplements (perfect for me since I’m on the go and saves me time) and topical skin care products. Check out next month to see my update/progress I have made.

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