Nicki Minaj ‘Pink Friday’ Fragrance

Nicki Minaj is adding to her empire by adding on fragrance to her resume. She is set to launch her first eau de parfum Pink Friday’ later this month in over 2,000 department stores. Minaj says she is beyond excited about launching it because she feels her product is very different than anything that is currently out in the fragrance world.  I have to agree with her. If you take a look at the packaging of the bottle that Elizabeth Arden Inc. created for the superstar it’s really nothing like what is out today. I am a sucker for packaging! It has her signature pink wig along with a gold necklace that has her name. Total Nicki Minaj! When she saw the sketch of the bottle she told WWD in an interview, “I almost passed out, I was so excited,” As for the actual scent of the fragrance she is going for a more floral musk smell that is to be very intoxicating. The notes for the perfume will include: top notes of star fruit, Italian mandarin and succulent boysenberry; the heart includes lotus flower and starry jasmine petals, and the base note contains vanilla, caramelized pear as well as musk and wood scents.  She also goes on to say, “I wanted it to be a brand-new, exciting addition to the market. It has an amazing combination of a playful feeling as well as a sultry feeling that lingers on. It smells like a fantasy to me.” It sure does sound like it will smell like a fantasy, a deeply indulgent one. The eau de parfum is to have two sizes — 1.7 oz. for $49 and 3.4 oz. for $59 — plus a 6.8-oz. body lotion for $25 and a 5-oz. hair mist for $22. I cannot wait to actually get to see the product in person and be able to smell it. I loved her teaming up with MAC for their VIVA GLAM as well as her LipGlass with MAC Cosmetics so I feel like her fragrance launch will be more than a success. Plus we all know that all of her Barbz are beyond thrilled to wear a scent that their beloved Nicki Minaj created.

Aside from fragrance she also mentioned in her interview with WWD that she is planning on doing a little in the fashion industry;  with clothing, re-launching her Pink Friday CD as ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded the Re-Up’ and she is going on tour in October. She said her first show will be in the U.K. on October 21st. This girl truly keeps herself busy. My goodness!  I’m sure many of us are patiently awaiting the launch of her first fragrance.

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    wow its looking beautiful. I must buy this today for my own use. Thanks for the launching this Pink Friday’ Fragrance for us…

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