No Poo Hair Shampooing Method: Dealing with Oily Hair and Scalp

by Liz W

iStock_000006103759SmallBeing a slave to the shower gods is no fun when you have super oily hair and scalp. Hearing people talk about how they only have to wash their hair once or twice a week can be really frustrating if you can’t leave the house without washing your hair every morning.

If this is your reality, then the culprit of your excessive wash rinse repeat cycle might be the cycle itself. All over the internet women are crying out against shampoo and are choosing the No Poo Hair alternative, opting to either skip washing their hair all together and just using cleansing conditioners, or concocting up their own recipes at home using household staples like baking soda and vinegar.

Many shampoos that are on the market today are full of grease-stripping ingredients that do a great job at getting your hair squeaky clean and shiny, but for people who are prone to oily skin, this can cause your body to over produce sebum (the natural oil secreted by our bodies to lubricate our hair and skin). When the skin and hair is constantly being scrubbed completely clean, it creates a supply and demand type of situation, where the more the oil is being removed, the more urgently your body tries to replace it.

To most people, the idea of just not washing their hair makes them shudder, bringing to mind images of that time you went camping for 3 days,  where, although you did not once step foot inside a shower, your hair certainly looked wet the entire time.

This, however, doesn’t have to be the case if you want to try this radical new idea of not washing your hair (that has been done for centuries before us).

If you want to go fully all natural, then baking soda is a really great alternative to shampoo, and does a nice job at removing the grease. Just a little bit mixed with water is enough for the whole scalp. For a conditioner replacement, apple cider vinegar works really well at leaving the hair super shiny and soft. This is the most classic “No Poo Method.”

Using Cleansing Conditioners is another shampoo-free technique that has been gaining a lot of attention and  very mixed reviews. Basically, it is massaged onto the scalp, and is supposed to be really good for your hair, skin and scalp, but the adjustment period can be bothersome to those who have really oily scalps.

To some, both of these methods might be too much of a big step, and if you miss your bubbles, there are a lot of wonderful choices of shampoo without sulfate. These still clean the hair like a regular shampoo, but aren’t anywhere near as oil-stripping. Alterna is one of the most well known and well respected brands in this category, and their products not only work well, but they smell even better.

3 Responses to “No Poo Hair Shampooing Method: Dealing with Oily Hair and Scalp”

  1. terri

    my sister has gone no poo for a few months now. she loves it and i must say her hair looks glorious and doesn’t smell.

  2. Elizabeth

    That’s great, It really does work wonders. Definitely worth a try!

  3. Mel

    after having to wash my oil slick hair everymorning, i decided to give it a rest for 4 days, and i just washed my hair with no poo method, and all grease is gone, amazing!
    I rinsed with rose water and lemon diluted with water, giving it a nice florally smell too!

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