Nuxe or Nothing

How To Nourish Dry SkinWhenever I think my skin cannot get any drier, winter rolls around and knocks all the moisture and life out of my skin and we all know dry skin is the worst!  My cuticles, lips and hands bear the brunt of it. Central heat pumping through the office, my car and my bedroom doesn’t help either. And while forcing myself to chug water throughout the day to ward off the ominous dry skin that I know if going to show itself the moment I wash my hands or face seems like a great idea I’m usually too stressed out by holiday deadlines to remember to eat lunch let alone drink a gallon of water.

And that is exactly why I have a backup of my favorite hand moisturizers for nourishing dry skin lined up like little soldiers all along my desk to fight off dry skin and all the dangers that accompany it. My latest dry skin saviors have been from Nuxe’s Reve de Miel line. I have the Nuxe Hand And Nail Cream that I reapply after washing my hands. I really like the light scent and it truly keeps my hands moisturized; plus, it keeps my nails from breaking. A lot of people don’t know how important moisturizing your hands is for your nails. Hand moisturizers defend your nail plate and therefore prevent damage. Here are more ways to prevent nail breakage.

Nuxe’s Ultra Comfortable Body Cream is also great for moisturizing my legs or arms in the office when they feel dry. However, my favorite product that I tried has to be the Nuxe Lip Moisturizing Stick. It’s enriched with sunflower and argan oil plus shea butter and honey to soften your lips while dosing them in moisture. It leaves a light shine on your lips too that’s really pretty.

The key is to prevent dry skin! Try out this new line at DermStore and I promise your lips and nails will thank you! 

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    Thanks for the new brands you always brand us with. It’s so interesting going through such a post and meeting something new for our personal body welfare. We are hoping to see even more products soon.

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