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How to Look Your Best in Pictures


From cocktail party poses to candid videos to the #nomakeup selfie…the pervasiveness of social media can make you feel like you have to be camera-ready, all the time! That’s enough to make anyone anxious, especially if – like most people – you don’t love the way you look in pictures. But being self-conscious shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the moment, even when the cameras start clicking. If a camera coming out at the park makes you want to duck behind the nearest tree…there is something you can do!

The very nature of photography – reducing something three-dimensional into a two-dimensional image – can make things look very different in pictures than they do in real life. (So you can take comfort in the fact that, NO, you DON’T really look like that!) If you ever watch video footage of red carpet events, you’ll notice that stars often strike practiced poses that look absolutely ridiculous from the side…but they look great from the angle of the still cameras. Their publicists and handlers have taught them tricks to use the principles of optics to their advantage. Learn some of the same tricks, and some day you can stop untagging yourself in your friends’ Facebook pics!

  • The Key to it All:  Your Smile
    • As silly as it may feel, practice smiling in front of the mirror, and take selfies to test out different expressions. Work on making your most flattering smile come naturally when the cameras come out. If you can, “warm up” your smile BEFORE the shot is taken, so your cheeks don’t feel stiff and your lips don’t stick to your teeth.
    • If you want to look younger, fresher, and more beautiful – in pictures and in everyday life – whiten your teeth. This time of year, a white smile looks especially great against a summer tan (wear SPF!). Today, people are so used to seeing PhotoShopped magazine images and veneer-filled celebrity smiles that the bar is raised for all of us…perfectly normal, slightly yellow teeth now look “abnormal!” Luckily, most people can whiten their teeth quickly and successfully with over-the-counter whiteners, like those from GO SMiLE. It’s a great investment – a few days of whitening can make your smile brighter for months.
    • To make your teeth look straighter and more perfect, try smiling with the edges of your upper front teeth gently touching your lower lip, and push your tongue right up behind them for the shot. This will show as much tooth as possible, visually “smooth out” rough edges, and prevent darkness from showing in the “empty space” behind them, so your teeth will look bigger and brighter! It also can make your lips look fuller.
    • Even if you’re proud of your teeth, keep in mind that most people don’t show their bottom teeth when they smile. So don’t force that bottom lip down to show off all your choppers…you’re more likely to look like you’re grimacing than happy.
    • If you know you’re going to have a lot of pictures taken over a few hours, take a (slightly gross) tip from the beauty pageant world: a little slick of Vaseline on the front of your teeth will makes your teeth look more reflective and whiter. It also keeps your lips from sticking to your teeth when you smile, and keeps dark lipstick from transferring to them. (Or for a couple pictures here and there, just lick your teeth before a shot.)
  • Camera-Friendly Makeup
    • Don’t despair if you’re not one of the few people blessed with flawless, natural beauty from the moment you wake up. Because guess what – 99% of the most beautiful women in the world aren’t, either. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with putting in a little work to look your best, and embracing – not resenting – the power of makeup!
    • Coral or orange-red is a trendy lip color this season, but it can make your teeth look more yellow. Typically, blue-based or cool-toned lip colors make teeth look whiter, and gives a nice rosiness to the face. Experiment and learn what looks best on you. Trends and tips aside, if something doesn’t work for you, don’t do it.
    • If your face tends to look fuller than you like in pictures, learn to contour and highlight – subtly! Contouring means using matte colors darker than your skin to add “shadows” to make parts of the face look more defined or slimmer, and highlighting is using lighter or slightly reflective colors to make other areas (cheekbones, browbones) look more prominent. There are dozens of YouTube videos on how to do it properly. Hint: Practice at home, before you go out in public, to find a technique that is effective and flattering on your facial structure, but doesn’t look too obvious in real life.
    • Cameras pick up light in a way that emphasizes skin texture issues, so prep your complexion to reflect light in a pretty way. Use a smoothing anti-shine primer with silicone – under makeup or alone – if you have oily skin or if your skin texture is uneven. Use a good moisturizer if you’re dry and tend to look flaky or ashy.
    • Do your makeup for “film,” not “stage.” If you’re in a play, you need dramatic makeup to be seen by the audience. But in close-up pictures, eye makeup may look brighter, darker, or more garish than in real life, especially in daylight. So unless you’re going for that look, err on the side of subtle. And don’t overdo the glitter – its effect is magnified on camera!
    • If you use “high definition” face powder that is designed to reflect light in a flattering way, apply it lightly, and blend blend blend! Even if you can’t see it with the naked eye, flashbulbs can make the powder look like a thick, white layer of flour (or worse!) on your face in pictures. Even the most beautiful celebs in the world have fallen victim to this – most recently Angelina Jolie…you can Google it.
    • If it’s dark enough for flash photography, and the sun isn’t out, consider using a foundation without sunscreen. The light-screening nature of certain SPF ingredients can reflect the flash, leaving your face looking pale or chalky.
  • Avoiding the “Extra Ten”
    • It’s true and maddening – the camera can make us look 10 pounds heavier as it “flattens” our 3D bodies into 2D images. (Again, don’t worry – you DON’T really look like that!) Angling one side of your body slightly away from the camera is more flattering than facing it squarely. Standing with your legs crossed at the knees or keeping your knees together and one heel off the ground can make your legs look slimmer and longer. Practice in advance!
    • To avoid the dreaded double chin, push your tongue against the roof of your mouth to tighten the area under your jawline during a shot. Don’t slouch or pull your face back – in fact, jut your chin out, toward the camera a bit. This also helps your body look smaller, relatively, because what’s farther away always looks smaller. It may looks weird in real life – but it’s great through the lens! For the same reason, you can emphasize your eyes rather than your chin by slightly tilting your head down, with eyes aiming up towards the camera.

Perhaps the best tip – and it’s not a trick – is to be confident and have fun! It will come through in pictures, and that’s what people will notice…not whether you look less than perfect. We tend to be far more critical of ourselves than others are. And it’s far better to be caught looking ridiculous while having a great time, than looking great while sitting on the sidelines! It’s important that we learn to appreciate ourselves and our lives, exactly as they are, so that our smiles are plentiful and genuine. But all that said…it certainly doesn’t hurt to look as beautiful in pictures as we truly are!

About the Author:

jen pic 2GO SMiLE Communications Manager Jennifer Mathias has been working in the beauty industry for over 10 years, developing and marketing skincare, cosmetics, and now oral care – “smile beauty” – products. She’s a self-professed beauty product junkie and science geek whose favorite hobby is to find and evangelize products that are based on solid technology and that really work! She is responsible for communicating the benefits of GO SMiLE products and teeth whitening in general, to help women make smart choices about their beauty investments.


Dos and Don’ts of Finding the Right Foundation


Locating that perfect foundation has always been difficult for me. I blame that on my dry Asian skin, which tends to change in shade and texture along with the seasons. I’m sure most of you have certain issues that are unique to your skin type and tone, so to help you navigate the seemingly arduous task of finding the perfect foundation, here are some nuggets of expert information I’ve culled over the years. Some of them are utterly basic, but trust me, even the most adept of us need some reminding sometimes.

  1. Foundation is supposed to create an illusion of near-perfect skin, which means for it to be believable, it needs to be undetectable, so finding the shade closest to your skin tone and undertone is the most crucial.
  2. Always have 2 shades of foundation on hand: a lighter one you’ll use most of the year, and a darker one for the warmer months when you’re likely more tan.
  3. Your skin type matters. If you have dry skin, choose a liquid, cream or stick foundation, and if you have oily skin, reach for an oil-free liquid or powder foundation. Some foundation formulas now incorporate skin care ingredients like salicylic acid for acne-prone skin, collagen and antioxidants for mature skin, and calming botanicals for redness-prone skin—take advantage of these extra benefits!
  4. When it comes to finishes, semi-matte tends to look the most natural. But then again, consider your skin type. If you’re oily, choose matte; if you have dry or mature skin, dewy finishes will enliven your complexion.
  5. If you have oily skin, opt for foundations slightly lighter than your complexion. This is advised because oil can cause your foundation to oxidize and appear darker.

I hope this helps, but if you’re still unsure about what foundation to get for you—or if you just want to find new favorites, or look for a more affordable version of your designer foundation—here’s something you might want to try: DermStore’s Foundation Finder! This new feature is almost the same as getting professional help from the department store—but way better, because you can do this without getting off your comfy couch. Plus, the process is really simple: you can either enter your current foundation product and it will find all the similar products for you, or you can choose a model that closely resembles your skin tone and it will provide you with a list of options perfect for you. Not sure what your skin’s undertone is? Not a problem—there’s a video tutorial for that, too! So go ahead, try it, I’m sure your perfect foundation match is just a few clicks away!

Summertime Skin Serums

Summertime Skin Serum2

It is true that it’s far easier to prevent sun damage than it is to repair it, but that doesn’t mean you should slack on maintenance. After all, sun damage is insidious and can take years to rear its ugly head and good age defense is essential. Other than always wearing a good mineral-based SPF when you step out your door, you can keep damage at a minimum by incorporating a great serum or two into your daily skin care routine.


For daytime use, a serum rich in antioxidants is your best bet. Wear it under a daily moisturizer or sunscreen to help it to neutralize any free radicals caused by environmental damage that may have slipped through your UV armor.

For normal skin types, I’d recommend the Eminence Organic Skin Care Grape Antioxidant Serum. For drier skin, the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel is great for energizing, protecting and brightening the complexion throughout the day. If you’re already suffering from some skin damage like sun spots or have melasma, the Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% is great for fading hyperpigmentation naturally while supporting collagen. Combination to oily skin types should check out the Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner- it mattifies, purifies and protects your skin as it minimizes the look of large pores and controls oil production.


Serums truly shine when your skin is undergoing its natural repair cycle while you’re sleeping. A good all-around serum for all skin types is the DHC Resveratrol Essence. Contrary to popular belief, it’s best to save your resveratrol products for evening use as it does make your skin more susceptible to sun damage due to its ability to boost cell regeneration (like retinol or glycolic acid). Sensitive skin types need very special care and are often intolerant of products with less natural ingredients. The Eminence Oranics Couperose-C Serum not only fights aging, it repairs and fortifies sensitive skin against the environmental aggressors that trigger redness and inflammation.

Murad’s Environmental Shield Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum targets and treats hyperpigmentation while you sleep with hydroquinone, glycolic acid and amino acids, making it ideal for normal to oily skin. Darphin’s Hydraskin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum replenishes dry to very dry skin with moisture-binding hyaluronic acid and PCA humectants while pomegranate extracts neutralize environmental damage before it can gain a foothold in your skin.

Depending on your skin type, you can always follow any of these serums for a lotion, cream or balm as the skin is always in need of moisture. Just remember to be regular and consistent and your skin will thank you for years to come.

Have you tried what everyone’s talking about?

wet brush

The Wet Brush phenomenon started over a year ago and has taken the hair industry by storm! This tool is so unique and effective, it has put competitors to shame and has caused men and women alike to fall in love.

Here is what you need to know:

-          It is a detangling miracle for all ages and hair types; including wigs and extensions

-          Bristles are flexible and glide through hair to eliminate knots for a pain- free experience

-          There is no tugging or pulling through tangles like traditional brushes

-          Use on wet hair to detangle and dry hair to style

-          Comes in multiple sizes to meet everyone’s needs; even a “squirt” size for children

-          Perfect for in the shower/bath use

-          Features a rubber handle for a no slip grip


Check out the different colors they come in here (purple is my favorite).

Until next time,

Grazie Belle Donne!


If the popularity of the hashtag #nomakeupselfie is any indication, now is the time to focus on a flawless natural face. Drinking plenty of water and getting tons of rest are key to rocking the “no foundation” look. But what about products? Here are some of my favorite essentials for that.

FOR BREAKOUTS: I recommend using EVE LOM’s Dynaspot, which contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ingredients to reduce swelling and redness quickly.

FOR AN EVEN-TONED COMPLEXION: Sunscreen is an every-day must. Why not choose one that helps correct skin issues without looking like makeup? CoTZ offers a fantastic SPF that leaves skin matte and protected, without anything we tend to hate about SPF products—like white residue and odd chemical scents.

FOR NATURALLY GORGEOUS EYES: Put down the black mascara and reach for jane iredale’s Longest Lash Mascara in brown—this will create a perfectly natural look and give you the instant eye-opening effect you’re after. This is a step I never skip—sorry, #nomakeupselfie movement. The secret’s out!


10 Minutes to Bright Eyes!


It feels like life keeps getting busier and busier as we try to squeeze in one more meeting, one more soccer game, or one more dinner with friends. Whether you work long hours, are busy running around with your kids, don’t get enough Zzzs, or all of the above, everyone can use a little pick-me-up now and then. Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift is the perfect product to use day or night to combat dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines & wrinkles so that you look bright-eyed, refreshed, and revitalized… even if you don’t feel that way.

The Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift is an easy to use, two step process that lifts, contours, plumps, and hydrates the under eye area in just 10 minutes. All you have to do is pour the Stem Cellular Activator Fluid on the pure marine algae Eye Mask, and apply to the under eye area. Leave the Mask on for 10 minutes before removing. You’ll see instant results!

Here’s how it works:

  • Algae delivers calcium ions to help rejuvenate skin.
  • A blend of Vitamin C and fruit stem cells infused into organic resveratrol-rich grapeseed base radically firms and helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Increases cellular osmotic stimulation to improve skin hydration.

Instant benefits:

  • Encourages cell renewal with concentrated algae biomatrix technology.
  • Reduces the appearance of puffiness around eyes with organic cucumber, white tea, and arnica extracts.
  • Brightens with Vitamin C
  • Firms the delicate eye area and fights free radicals with a proprietary blend of apple, grape, and lemon fruit stem cells infused into a resveratrol-rich grapeseed.
  • Hydrates and refreshes with organic aloe and algae.
  • Encourages supple skin texture with hyaluronic acid and chamomile.

Clinically Validated Results:

A Clinically Validated Study showed immediate visible results after one application (conducted by an independent European Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Laboratory):

Clinically reported:

  • 80% marked plumping & smoothing of the skin
  •  70% visible wrinkle reduction
  • 85% revitalized feeling

Clinically instrument measured results: (by optical measuring instrument PRIMOS):

  • 60% increased skin hydration
  • 27% reduction in wrinkle & line depth

So give yourself a 10 minute break. Great to use before Girls Night Out or that big meeting. Perfect for date night, an in-home spa day, or anywhere, anytime. It’s the perfect pick-me-up!

About the Author:

bio picSocial Media Coordinator Molly Barnes has been at Juice Beauty for over a year. She contributes to their blog Freshly Squeezed and creates content and promotions for their social media channels. In her free time she enjoys live music, dancing, and a good book!


Is the world cup ruining your beauty game?

world cup
Is it ruining your beauty game? Because it sure is ruining mine! I understand the occasional breakout during that time of the month, but lately the champagne popping early in the morning or the anxiety and stress that come from watching my team making it through the first round is not working out to my benefit. I love to watch sports and love supporting a good team—who doesn’t? My home team (Colombia) has won two of the three soccer matches they needed to make it to the second round, and U.S.A won their first match as well! It is a BIG deal, but I didn’t realize the extent to which all this fun would ruin my skin, nails and hair! It’s crazy how, sometimes, you don’t realize things until they are REALLY bad, and that’s what happened to me late last night and early today.

We all know that alcohol, stress, early mornings and a lack of sleep are not good for your health … or your skin. So, if I want to continue this bender I need to step up my game when it comes to my skin care routine and taking care of my body! Here’s a plan I started this morning—if you’re in the same boat as me, these suggestions should come in handy. I’m very hopeful they will work, just as I hope U.S.A wins on Thursday and Colombia makes it all the way into the semifinals!


If you woke up with more than one breakout after having champagne for breakfast and finishing the day with a shot of limoncello, you probably deserve it. It’s time to step up your game and start using an acne treatment product on a daily basis. I started using the Effaclar Duo Dual Action Acne Treatment by La Roche-Posay. It isn’t as drying as many acne products, which I like because I have dry skin.


I’m very conscious when it comes to keeping my nails and hands looking their best, but lately I haven’t been taking good care of them like I usually do. I’ve broken several nails (don’t ask me how because I sure don’t remember), and I’ve been so nervous that I can’t stop biting my cuticles! I’ve always been a fan of the Nail Protein Formula 2 by Nailtiques. This morning was time I re-united with an old best friend again. I am also making sure I always have a hand cream around. It helps out a lot.


My hair has started to get dry, and due to a lack of sleep I’m always rushing in the morning, so all I’ve done lately is put my hair in a bun. I’m going to bring my hair back to life with a Deep Conditioning Mask and an Overnight Nourishing Treatment.

I’m very excited about my world cup damage control tactics. Even though I only wish I could be in Brazil right now taking selfies with my friends and family. For now, I have to stick to flipping through my Instagram feed and watching the games from my laptop. However, I can assure you that my fellow travelers do not have access to these amazing products like I do!

Go team Colombia and team U.S.A!

The Device That Can Change Your Skin In 3 Days


Amazing new product alert: are you familiar with the Foreo brand? If you’re not, you’ll want to be, and here’s why. These cute devices are not only compact, but effective—used daily when you wash your face, they can make a difference in the quality of your skin in just three days! And they couldn’t be any easier to use. Simply apply your cleanser, wet the device, and turn it on and enjoy a relaxing “massage” as you cleanse. That’s it!

Some things to know about Foreo:

  1. The devices are 100% organic
  2. Because they’re made of silicone, there are no brush heads to replace
  3. It charges with a USB cord (hello, skin care device of the future) AND it’s fully rechargeable for up to 450 treatments (ever heard of a device you only have to charge once to use 450 times? I haven’t!)
  4. You can use it with whatever skin care products you’d like
  5. It looks just as fabulous as it works—I leave mine out on my bathroom counter 24/7!

Customized Skin Care, No Guesswork Needed

dr-dennis-gross-blog (1)

If you suffer from totally unpredictable skin like we do, you know that one of the most challenging times of year for skin care is upon us: summer. Heat and humidity call for different products than you’d use during the cooler months. But how do we know which products are best for the current season—and the rest of them?  Luckily, Dr. Dennis Gross has created an indispensable skin care set you’ll keep in your cosmetics bag all year round: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ Clinical Concentrate Boosters. These three water-free super serums — Radiance, Hydration, and Purifying — were formulated by the dermatologist with the goal of perfectly balanced skin in mind. They can be used like traditional serums— or you can mix them into and products you already use to boost their benefits. Buying a whole new regimen to suit your skin’s every whim is now unnecessary — and the travel-sized bottles mean no matter where you jet off to, your skin won’t be a source of stress.

• Radiance helps transform dull skin into a younger-looking, glowing, luminous complexion by utilizing linoleic, pyruvic, tartaric, and glycolic acids, along with retinol and quercetin

• Hydration leverages hyaluronic chronospheres, watermelon extract and centella asiatica  to infuse the skin with deep moisture for a firmer, softer, smoother-looking complexion

• Purifying controls excess oil and tightens pores for increased clarity with a combination of willow bark extract, witch hazel and lactic acid

How do you plan on using your Clinical Concentrate Boosters?

About the Author:

ddgEmily Orofino previously worked as the Brand Content Manager for Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. She’s written for Refinery29 and other reputable publishers, but was so impressed by the efficacy of Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare(TM) products that she joined the team in late 2012. She handled all things copy, including naming products, the words on packaging, eblasts, blogs, flyers, and more.

Join Us: Goldfaden MD Live Q&A


We’re heading into summer and it’s time we learned how to best maintain the health and resilience of our skin. So, join us on Facebook on Wednesday, June 18th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. PST as we’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with Lauren Wolk, Vice President of Sales for Goldfaden MD.

As Vice President of Sales for Goldfaden MD, Lauren is responsible for spearheading the growth of Goldfaden MD into a nationally-recognized brand. It is Lauren’s passion and dedication, along with Dr. Goldfaden and the rest of the Goldfaden MD family, to help people have beautiful, younger, healthier-looking skin, and with their all-natural, organic approach, they have quickly developed a dedicated following.

As the first physician strength, dermatologist-developed, natural skincare line in the industry, Goldfaden MD maintains a quality guarantee of being result-focused and naturally conscience. This focus applies to both men and women, with Goldfaden MD’s Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel recently taking out the Men’s Health Magazine award as the “Best New Exfoliator in 2014”, as we all know the gents need to exfoliate, too!

With the wealth of knowledge and experience Lauren has to share, you don’t miss this FREE opportunity to get professional answers from the self-confessed product junkie! Get valuable tips on summer sun protection, how to select the right products for the change of season, and what products can work best for your skin type. What’s more, during the live Q&A, 3 winners will be lucky enough to receive 1 of 3 top Goldfaden MD products, valued at $68 or more! To join the Q&A and be considered for the giveaway, simply use hashtag #AskGoldfaden when you post your questions on our Facebook wall.

*The content in this Q&A is for informational use only and does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship.  Consult your personal physician for any medical questions or concerns.

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