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Get Sweaty

As a self-glorified gym rat, I’m not afraid to get a lunch-time treadmill sweat in during work hours, or squeeze a work out in on a hectic day. Lucky for you, in the past few years I’ve got my plan down pat and am happy to share my hands down favorite arsenal of products that never leave my gym bag, so you too will never have an excuse to fear the sweat!

If you are one of those people who hates taking off their make-up when you work out, or don’t have time, you need Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation. Not only does the foundation feel and look great on, but it’s designed to be breathable.  Oxygenetix Foundation will not clog your pores or run down your face in awkward tinted streaks. Just pat the sweat off your face and go, you won’t feel greasy and you definitely won’t see your skin breaking out.

If you do have time to cleanse and reapply your make up, use Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Water Cloths for a squeaky clean feel. Grab one of those cleansing cloths, wipe down your face, and get moving! It literally takes five seconds and you are saving your skin from congestion build-up that trust me, does not look pretty later. Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Water Cloths are seriously moisturizing and won’t leave your skin parched and tight. I sometimes just apply my moisturizer right over it! Talk about lazy girl on the go.

I don’t know about you, but I sweat, a LOT, even when I do a mild yoga class. There’s nothing worse than having to blow dry sweaty hair in order to look presentable back at the office. I’ve tried several brands of dry shampoo, but always come back to Batiste Dry Shampoo. I spray the dry shampoo onto my scalp in its’ sweatiest places, brush my hair, and blow dry for faster absorption. Takes me 2 minutes tops and I’m good to go.

Now that you have nothing to fear about that post-work out sweat fest, grab your gym bag and go. Press play below if you need some new upbeat tunes!

Thank you CoffeBerry! My Skin Never Felt Better!

My skin used to be extremely dry, and for the most part, I wasn’t able to help it! Luckily, my job allows me to get my hands on the best products in the world, and this one — I can assure you — is one of them! Have you heard of coffeeberry extract? It’s this amazing concoction that when applied on your skin does wonders! Hydralift Complex by Revaleskin has that ingredient, and after using it for just a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed an incredible difference on my skin! My co-workers and fiancé have complimented it and, I mean let’s be honest, people noticing a difference in your skin or body when trying new products or ways to be healthier is the best thing that could happen, right? As soon as I started applying it on my face, as well as on my neck and décolletage, I felt as if my skin plumped up immediately! It absorbed quickly and it just felt wonderful. From my research, I found that it contains glycerin, an incredible skin moisturizer and humectant, which helps hydrate your skin—a must in this dry weather! And let’s not forget the potent antioxidants found in this product— coffeeberry and tocopherol (also known as vitamin E, an antioxidant with moisturizing properties)—which prevent your skin from aging. I mean, what else could I ask for? I have the best of both worlds in a bottle: anti-aging benefits + hours and hours of hydration! Ever since the first day I applied this product, I have this dewy look which I love since I’ve always had dry skin — I can’t get enough of it! It is seriously a very elegant product that you’ll want everyone you know to try! Just beware: I had my mom try it when she was in town last weekend and she almost took the whole bottle with her!

Skin Brighteners for Sensitive Skin

Goldfaden Blog

When it comes to my skin care regimen, I don’t mess around.  My skin is very sensitive and does not react well to harsh chemicals and parabens.  There are only a few brands I trust to provide me with the skin care I need with natural ingredients Goldfaden MD ­­is one of those brands I can rely on to provide nourishing and long lasting effects.  With the winter weather dulling my complexion, my skin was begging me for a little pick-me-up.  Knowing that Goldfaden MD products work well with my sensitive skin, I was not hesitant in the least to try the Fresh A Peel Multi Acid Resurfacing Peel.  Usually I am deterred by peels because they usually contain harsh ingredients that rip apart the skin in attempts to resurface it.  This peel by Goldfaden MD contains lactic acid and fruit enzymes that naturally break down the dead skin, while maple sugar revitalizes the skin to provide an even glow.  Bilberry extract is an added bonus contained in this mask that works to balance out the skin’s elasticity to reduce the appearance of stress and, in my case, premature signs of aging.

In addition to using the brightening peel to brighten my dull winter complexion, I paired it with Goldfaden MD Light Treatment Dark Spot Corrector.  My fairly young skin has not seen the effects of sun damage quite yet, but I do have some mild acne scarring that only gets worse and darkens with increased sun exposure.  The hyaluronic acid (an ingredient well known for its ability to heal skin wounds) not only interacts positively with my damaged skin cells to stimulate cell production, but it provides beneficial moisturizing effects as well. Glyceryl stearate within the light treatment provides additional moisturizing benefits to help protect my skin from the damaging and aging effects of free radicals while reducing the greasy feel that most moisturizers have. Overall, I have seen noticeable results and my complexion looks and feels brighter.  I highly recommend these products if you are looking for a brightening boost to your complexion without all of the harsh side effects.


Live Q&A with Pur Minerals


Discover products that can actually improve the health of your skin while enhancing your natural beauty! Join us on Facebook on Wednesday, February 12th from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. PST. We’ll be hosting a live Q&A session with Noureddine Mriouah, Chief Scientist and Vice President of Product Development at Pur Minerals.

As Chief Scientist and Vice President of Product Development at Pur Minerals, Noureddine Mriouah has infused Pur Minerals with some of the most scientifically advanced proprietary technologies to help position the brand as a true leader in anti-aging makeup with clinical results. Under his formulation guidance, Pur Minerals continues to break new ground in innovation in all categories of color and skin care.

Don’t miss this FREE opportunity to get professional answers to all your burning Pur Minerals and skin care questions! Get expert advice and knowledge on everything from ingredients and formulations, to what Pur Minerals can do for you and your skin care regimen. What’s more, during the live Q&A, 5 lucky winners will be receiving both a Pur Minerlas Makeup Starter Kit (in their shade) and a Pur Minerals Skincare Starter Kit ($68 value). To join the Q&A and be considered for the giveaway, simply use hashtag #PurMinerals when you post your questions on our Facebook wall.

*The content in this Q&A is for informational use only and does not constitute a doctor/patient relationship.  Consult your personal physician for any medical questions or concerns.

Taking The Spa Home With You


There’s an odd contradiction these days when it comes to people taking the time to really pamper themselves. In this fast-paced world where cars are faster, communication is instant no matter where you are and technology is supposed to make our lives more convenient, then why is it we never seem to have enough time for ourselves? The old adage is true; one can never have time unless they take time.

Recently a friend of mine posted on her Facebook that she was experiencing vertigo attacks and asking for suggestions on how to prevent them. This brought me back to my high school days when my Mom was experiencing them due to the stresses of work and home.  It all culminated in my senior year when she legally separated from my Father and was laid off from her work and given a year’s salary as severance. She took a year off and focused on herself, redoing the living room and the bathrooms, gardening and focusing on the things that she could fine peace and stability in. As time went on the attacks became less and less frequent.

Now I’m not suggesting that everyone quite their jobs and leave their spouses. I merely wish to point out that there always needs to be a balance between the positive and negative aspects of daily life. Exercise, meditation and other activities have been clinically proven to improve the overall health of individuals when done regularly and consistently.

One doesn’t need to spend hundreds at a spa or massage parlor every week to attain this state of equilibrium. Just a handful of products can transform your mundane bathroom into a luxurious spa experience.  Start by drawing the bath and setting the mood with some aromatherapy candles.  Brands like Level Naturals and Apothia Los Angeles can fill a room with exquisite aromas that go to work on relieving stress and promoting a positive mood and there are varieties of unique fragrances perfectly suited to your needs.

Next drop a bath treatment, oils or salts into the bath water, if you want all 3-in-1 I highly recommend a Bath Ice Cream from ME Bath; these balls of epsom salts, essential oils and botanically-based emollients turn any bath into a deeply nourishing treatment for tired skin while alleviating joint and muscle pain. Kerstin Florian makes great scrubs and emollient cleansers with natural ingredients that leave your skin feeling supple and renewed.

You can even slap on a facial mask too and just sit there, soaking in the bliss as toxins and impurities are drawn from your body along with all your worries and cares, if only for a little while. The endorphins produced from even a half hour of relaxation such as this can have a measurable and cumulative effect on your body and state of mind, helping you to cope with the pressures of daily life that much better.

Most Favorite Finds Thus Far in 2014

January Blog_2014

Today marks the end of the first month in 2014. Can you believe it? I sure can’t, but the quickness of time aside who still has “New Year Resolutions” they are “following”?  Let’s be honest most New Year Resolution’s went out the window probably right around the 6th or 7th of the month if not earlier (tsk, tsk) – not judging though.

I would like to give you a new type of New Year’s Agenda, if I might call it that. Try new things, be open to change and be willing to fall in love with new beauty products.

I must admit at times I am a creature of habit; I used to be intimated by newness. However, as time has gone on and as I have dabbled in many new and different beauty products I have found new loves that I was shocked I was living with out. As for this month I will happily share my new finds and my new love obsessions in the beauty world!

Viviscal’s Extra Strength Hair Growth Supplements – now don’t shy away from this product if you don’t have thinning hair, this can be used if you want healthier, thicker hair too.

I happen to have pretty healthy hair, but would love for mine to be thicker and longer. Not only is this helpful for those who have thin or overstyled locks, it’s also helpful to maintain healthy hair.  I definitely have been able to see a difference in my hairs fullness and don’t worry they have the supplements for men too! Rob Kardashian is actually a huge fan of the brand.

Helpful Hint: stick with it; you are going to want to use this product for a minimum of 3-6 months.

The Sensual Skin Enhancer – this makeup product might simply be the queen of all-in-ones.

The Kevyn Aucoin product is (get ready for this list): a spot foundation, a concealer, an all-over foundation, a highlighter (with a shade lighter than your actual skin tone) and a tinted moisturizer (mix a little with your moisturizer for a lighter coverage).

I have been using it as concealer and love the coverage that it gives. I have been on the hunt for something that will actually conceal and this I have truly fallen for because it does just that. It also leaves my face with a dewy, glowing finish.

Helpful Hint: use sparingly, a little goes a long way.

Rainbow Gold – Curling Iron by Hot Tools Professional – not only do I want thicker hair (previously noted) I want volume and LONG lasting curls and this product delivers just that.

The Rainbow Gold Curling Iron has a Pulse Technology which ensures heat is evenly distributed allowing for a long-lasting style. My hair is pretty (very) straight. Sure sometimes it’s a great thing, but sometimes I am very envious of that person with natural body and wave. Usually with regular curling irons my hair falls flat by the time I step out the door, to my surprise that is not the case with this iron.

Helpful Hint: for tighter curls I recommend the 1 inch, for looser curls I recommend the 1 ¼ inch.

With the New Year, I hope everyone will be open to newness and fall in love with some sort of product they cannot seem to live without. Nothing is better than finding that beauty product you not only love, but makes you feel good! Best of luck.

Got Thinning Hair? Be Part of the Solution!

Blog - 1.28

When we talk about aging, we only talk about wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and graying hair. Very rarely is the subject of thinning hair, hair loss or alopecia, both in men and women, openly discussed, even if this condition affects roughly 40 million men and 30 million women in the United States alone. Blame that in part on the psychological stress sufferers of hair loss experience. It also doesn’t help that hair regrowth treatments options are very few, and the ones that do exist fall short of expectations.

For centuries, hair has always been considered essential to one’s self-image and esteem, especially to women, for whom it often reflects feminity, strength, health and youth. The longer, shinier and thicker her hair is, the more attractive she becomes to the opposite sex. But even men aren’t exempt from the devastating effects of balding. For them, the first sign of a receding hairline feels like death tapping on their shoulders, killing their sex appeal and “macho” image. It makes them look older than they actually are.

Whether it’s because of age, hormones or hereditary factors, we understand how imperative it is to find a solution for thinning hair. It’s for this reason that we’ve developed a breakthrough product that can not only slow the progression of hair loss, but also nourish your scalp, reactivate follicles, and encourage new growth. And that’s not all. We want you to be part of this ongoing quest to find a long-term solution for hair loss!

If you or someone you know are struggling from thinning hair and hair loss at the top of the scalp, we invite to be one of the first to try a breakthrough hair loss treatment.  Sign up for our hair loss treatment trial, and earn a chance to receive up to $600 in cash.*

This product can change your life and how you feel about you. Don’t miss it!

Sign Up Here >>


*Candidates must be local to the Los Angeles, California area. By providing us your information, you authorize a DermStore representative to contact you if selected. Selected participants are eligible to receive up to $600 in compensation upon completion of the product trial. Submission period begins 01/21/2014 and ends 02/04/2014.

Put on the Red Light


For better looking skin, red light therapy, developed by NASA, may be just what you need. Red light has anti-aging benefits and is shown to stimulate collagen and elastin. This is a safe and pain free technology that has both cosmetic and healing effects.  Aside from its many uses, having NASA as the brains behind this technology makes it all the more attractive.

First developed to grow plants in space, then later to treat wounds, LED light technology has helped numerous people to heal, repair, and renew cells. Red light therapy has an incredible number of benefits from reducing wrinkles, shrinking pores, and diminishing scars to relieving pain, accelerating healing, and aiding with injuries. This painless, non-invasive treatment is used  throughout the medical field for healing purposes and in salons to rejuvenate the skin.

Red Light Therapy is not dangerous because it produces a wavelength way outside of the UV range. The light waves stimulate your body to heal itself and this healing takes time. 1st rule of red light therapy is, you do not give up on red light therapy.  Commitment is key.  This is not a quick fix, rather a gradual repair of all the skin damage accumulated over time.  You may not experience the youthful benefits of red light therapy if you don’t stick with it.

Luckily, now you can do red light therapy in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost. Treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, scars, and skin laxity at home with Red MD by Trophy Skin . The RedMD can even be used “hands free” while laying down, sitting up, or any other position you find comfortable.  Back to the 1st rule of red light therapy, do not give up. Once you start, don’t stop. For best results use Red MD by Trophy Skin 20 minutes, once per day for the first 30 days. You will then learn and experience the power of the red light.

Happy Birthday, Diane Lane!

diane lane

Is it magic? No, but knowing this drop dead gorgeous star is celebrating her 49th birthday today does raise the question, how in the world does she do it?! For years Diane Lane has epitomized flawless aging. I have idolized her for this reason and took it upon myself to research the best anti-aging products. Most importantly I have learned it is never too early to focus on anti aging. The sooner you prepare and protect your skin the better.  We all know there are thousands of skincare products out there but I selected below for their cult following and unique ingredients that are becoming very popular due to the phenomenal results they produce.

Introducing my top picks for achieving her flawless, radiant frozen in time complexion:

Lifeline Stem Cell Skin Care- Recovery Night Moisture Serum

NEOCUTIS- Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream with PSP

Sonya Dakar- Hydrasoft Cream Age- Reversal


Happy Birthday Diane Lane!


Until next time,

Grazie Belle Donne!

4 Easy Ways To Celebrate At Home With Your Valentine


I started a new tradition last year: DIY Valentine’s Day date night. This tradition is a result of the frustration I faced when trying to plan an evening out, then missing a reservation because of traffic after I rushed to get ready in the first place. Traffic plus waiting at restaurants with crowds of people just doesn’t make a recipe for a good date night—but a personalized, intimate night at home does! There’s so much DIY date night inspiration out there, but this year I’m keeping it simple with a stress-free romantic theme. Here are a handful of tips for pulling it off!

  1. First thing is first¬: set the mood with candles. To keep with the stress-free romantic theme, this candle by Tocca Beauty will be just right.
  2. Getting dolled up is a must, but it shouldn’t take all night. A perfectly powerful red lip will do the trick. Here is great how-to on applying red lipstick.
  3. Now it’s time for the wine and hors d’oeuvres. Last year I made these heart-shaped Caprese skewers with a little help from Pinterest. I will be making them again this year because they are adorable and so easy to throw together.
  4. One of the easiest desserts to make? Rice Krispie treats! This Valentine’s Day spin on the recipe, also found on Pinterest, will help cut down on time spent in the kitchen and create the perfect conclusion to the meal.
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