Pamper Yourself with Tocca’s Lavish Bath and Body Collection

By Jenna

It’s no question that Tocca Beauty is one of our beauty favorites, or at least a big one of mine. Their body and skin care is very beneficial for most skin types and the luxurious line is one to be proud of and set on your boudoir for all to see. I am lucky to have been able to experience theĀ bath and body collection, which features amazing ingredients that make it a very sophisticated way to hydrate and heal the skin. It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day, but instead of loading up on chocolate on candies, give yourself a lot more love by taking care of your skin with Tocca’s Bath and body products. When your skin is soft, you’re ready to set the mood for anything and it won’t go unnoticed. Light up your Candela and add some you time into your hectic schedule.

Let the pampering begin with the Bagno Profumato, Tocca’s fragrant body wash. This luxurious bath and shower gel contains naturally cleansing olive oil, calendula extract, Oat, Hibiscus, Sandlewood Extract and more. Calendula extract helps with healing and eczema, while olive oil and oat repair and hydrate making it the perfect mix. It cleanses away debris, impurities and dirt, leaving your skin silky smooth. The intoxicating Stella scent is only the icing on the cake.

My absolute favorite body product from the line is the Esfoliante da Corpo, their rich body polish. This sugar body scrub has crushed olive granules that ever so delicately exfoliate your skin. This is especially amazing for dry skin types because of its oil content. It’s rich in natural oils like safflower seed oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil that will naturally hydrate and nourish the skin. I cannot even begin to explain how lavish this polish feels, not to mention the gorgeous glow it gives you after using it.

The next step of this posh body care routine is a plush moisturizer: Crema da Corpo or Crema de Sogno. I would recommend using Crema de Sogno during the colder months or for anyone with drier skin and Crema da Corpo, Tocca’s body lotion during warmer months. Crema da Sogno is a sumptuous body cream and one of the best body moisturizers on the market. Crema da Sogno actually translates to “dream cream” and i’s name doesn’t lie. With ingredients like Shea and Cocoa Butter, it absorbs easily into the skin, leaving it supple and touchable. Crema da Corpo is also another gem in the lotion department. It’s enriched with Honey, Sweet Almond Oil, Oat Kernal Extract and perfectly adds long lasting moisture, ideal for dry and sensitive skin.

Make the 10-15 minutes that you spend in the shower or bath worth it! These products do your body good, and their invigorating scents are almost intoxicating. My personal favorite Tocca scent is Stella, a blood orange, but feel free to explore all the exceptional fragrances and products they have to offer, plus the glamourous packaging. A little trick: use Tocca products before a hot date and he won’t be able to keep his hands off you.

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