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Peeling Away the Mysteries of PHA

by Liz W

Source- user Jenah Crump

Source- user Jenah Crump

It’s true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; however, it seems that no matter the culture, class, or century you examine, one rule remains the same: beauty begins with the best skin care. An essential step of achieving healthy, youthful skin is exfoliation.

Proper exfoliation removes dead, dull skin from the outer-most layer of the epidermis, and exposes the dewy new skin that lies beneath. There are countless ways you can exfoliate, and different methods produce different results.

One of the most ancient and technologically advanced methods of revealing healthier, more youthful skin dates back to the mystical era of the original beauty queen, Cleopatra. As legend has it, she kept her face radiant by using a form Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), which are still widely used today. Since her time, AHAs have been changed, rediscovered and perfected.

One of the more recently developed forms of these acids is Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA). Unlike AHAs, which are produced from glucose (plant sugars), PHAs are made from other natural sources and are much milder. When used correctly, they help normalize the top layer of skin, speed exfoliation and hydrate thirsty cells (just like AHAs) but in a much gentler way.

There are many different ways that these acids are used, varying from mild daily moisturizer, to deep chemical peels performed by licensed professionals. Some people with sensitive skin have learned to avoid AHAs, as they can be too strong for delicate skin. Luckily, with the development of PHAs, these people can now reap the beautifying benefits of this ancient beauty ritual without experiencing discomfort or undesired side effects of some AHAs.

The main difference between a typical AHA and PHA is that PHA molecules are larger; therefore they penetrate the skin at a slower, steadier pace and cause less irritation. A great example of one of these highly advanced skincare ingredients is Lactobionic acid, which is derived from Lactose, the sugar found in milk. Lactabonic acid brings all the great benefits of AHAs, including exfoliation, hydration, and protection from free radicals, but it is absorbed at a slower pace, allowing your skin to adjust to the changes without becoming irritated.

This revolutionary new group of PHAs is granting even the most sensitive skin types access into the amazing world of exfoliation without the undesired side effects like dryness and irritation. One brand that uses Lactobionic acid in an effective way is NeoStrata. Their products are formulated to provide your skin with the perfect balance of ingredients to gently reveal a more beautiful and radiant you.


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  1. Posted October 13, 2011 at 11:45 am | Permalink

    I use prescription Retin A that is already harsh on skin. I just did some research and found abut NeoStrata Bionic Serum with Lactobionic Acid. It has a good percent and good pH, plus it can be put around eyes, nose and mouth. It exfoliates, removes dead skin, promotes collagen production plus is potent antioxidant. Is it is really good for reinol users and people that have dry and sensitive skin. I am going to buy. I got a sample of exuviance serums. But they don’t state percent or pH like its maker Neostrata.

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