Planning a Wedding? Go Ahead and relax

By Jenna

Around this time of year, wedding season is officially in full swing and normally I’d glance at all the buzz around it then go about my day. This year I’ve found myself signing up for dozens of newsletters and paying more attention to the buzz because I happen to be getting married. I’m also the one doing the wedding planning. With only a couple months to go, my regimens of skin care, exercise and my eating habits are all refined for the goal of being my absolute best for the occasion. Although I’m prepping myself and dealing with the details of planning a wedding, the most important thing that I’ve done is keep my stress level low by taking time out for myself and my skin. Let’s face it, when I’m stressed out and my skin is a mess no one is happy. If you’re like me, then try out these easy tips for getting rid of stress and keeping your cool for the summer before the big day.

  1. Hire a coordinator and plan ahead. Planning a wedding is a lot of work. I did say that I’m planning mine myself, but I also have a coordinator and my maid of honor happens to be a wedding planner. I’m getting married on St. John in the Virgin Islands, so there’s a lot that I can’t be hands-on about, which is where the coordinator comes in. I’m ironing out all of the details for her now, so when I get to the island I’m not bombarded with a thousand things that need to be done. My maid of honor-wedding planner veteran will also be there so when it’s go time, things run smoothly and my stress level doesn’t soar. Planning ahead isn’t just smart, it’s necessary unless you want lose your head.
  2. Keep up with your summer skin care. Just because my wedding day is around the corner and I’m uber excited doesn’t mean I can forget about my skin care routine. It’s imperative to use an SPF every day to make sure you aren’t frying your skin on the regular, plus you want your skin to look its best. Keeping up with your skin care, will not just help your skin but it’ll keep you from worrying about unnecessary breakouts and wrinkles.  Since I’m focusing on improving my skin texture, I’ve started using Nia 24’s Sun Damage Prevention UVA/UVB Sunscreen SPF 30/PA+++. Its ultra light and wearable underneath my makeup while the mango butter in it moisturizes. Not to mention it’s easy to carry around and re-applying during the day isn’t a problem with its non-greasy formula.
  3. Detox & cleanse. I recently had the pleasure of visiting the latest awesome-ness that is infrared sauna therapy at the suite sweat sauna studio. I spent 40 minutes in a private suite detoxifying and burning calories all while relaxing. This isn’t fiction either, these infrared sauna sessions can raise you core temperature by 3° for the most detoxifying sweat, helping lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure and aids in weight loss. Other benefits include: increased circulation aiding in pain relief, skin purification and relaxation. The best part is you can burn upwards of 600 calories while you relax in comfort. After leaving my session, I’ve never felt better. I’d like one in my house please.
  4. Visit a spa and pamper yourself. Let me say this: I cannot live without getting massages and spa treatments. I will spend the necessary amount of money and resources getting those massages. The amount of tension it relieves is astounding and the spa experience needs to be a staple in everyone’s routine at least twice a year because it’s good for you.  A recent pre-vacation vacation had me at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Miami, where my spa experience was beyond words. From the accommodating service down to the details of orchids lining your walkway, this spa knows how to take care of its guests and they do it in style. For any spa connoisseur, getting a spa treatment during wedding planning is a must.
  5. If you can’t visit a spa right away, take a bath. After a long day at work and the hectic-ness of everyday life, you need a little you time. Turn off your cell phone, television and get rid of any distractions and turn your bathroom into your own spa. Light up a sweet smelling candle, put on some relaxing music, fill your bath with Enessa’s detoxifying Pink Himalayan Bath Salt and soak away your stress in your tranquil tub. The plus of this is any muscle aches or eczema is on their way to relief.

There are so many different and effective ways to unwind it’s really about taking the time away from your busy schedule and allotting the time to yourself. Start out with the simple things like drink more water, catch up on sleep or simply take a walk and work your way up to a more elaborate plan. Most importantly, you’re needed for the special event and you won’t be any use if you’re totally drained. Rest up!

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