Proper Care for Makeup Brushes

One of the most important things when it comes to makeup is how you apply it and to get the best result is by using a great makeup brush. There are different kinds of makeup brushes to choose from as well as the materials they are made out of. Bottom line is that you should take good care of them and clean your brushes with an antibacterial shampoo every 2 – 4 weeks to prevent bacteria build up and therefore breakouts. You must know that makeup brushes are an investment. Really good quality makeup brushes can range from $15 – $50+ but with the proper care these can last you a lifetime. I have had my Jane Iredale makeup brushes for about five years and I haven’t had the need to buy new ones. I use my foundation and powder brush every day and these I try to clean every week.

Start out with a really good makeup brush shampoo; I use the Truly Pure Shampoo and Conditioner by Jane Iredale. It is an antibacterial makeup brush cleaner and it contains soy protein and lemon peel oil to keep the brushes soft.

Some might prefer to pour the brush cleaner shampoo into a glass of water, I prefer to let the brush soak under water first, add a little bit of shampoo on the palm of my hand and get to work. With the other hand I do circular motions, pressing lightly onto the palm of my hand making sure the makeup is coming off. It takes me about 2-3 times before the water runs out clear. I like to know and feel that I did a good job cleaning my brushes and I feel like touching them and washing them with my own hands it’s the best way to achieve it.

After you are done washing the brushes, place them down on a towel flat overnight. If you are more like an on-the-go person, I suggest you use the Botanical Brush Cleaner by Jane Iredale after each use; this spray is a fast-drying alternative to brush shampoos.

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