Proper Skin Care After Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

by Liz W
Skin care for after microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments, can be a challenge, as your skin may be red and sensitive from the removal of the top skin layers. Some people go into these procedures expecting instant results and think they will be able to walk out of the office with beautiful clear skin. This, of course, isn’t even close to reality; as, if you have had any of these treatments, you know your skin will be sore and inflamed afterwards.

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There are many different types of chemical peels ranging from superficial (just the very top layer of skin) to deep, which is very invasive and comes with the most side effects. Even though microdermabrasion treatments and light chemical peels aren’t nearly as irritating to skin as deep phenol peels, they still leave your skin requiring some tender loving care for the days following.

Following your visit, you should keep your skin clean, moist, and protected from the sun, as it is highly vulnerable to sun damage in its delicate state.  If you had a microdermabrasion skin treatment, it is important to immediately and gently wash off any micro-crystal residue or dead skin cells that may be left behind. Absolutely stay away from all AHAs and BHAs, as they will exfoliate your already exfoliated skin, and cause a lot of discomfort.

If your regular moisturizer is not moisturizing enough, or contains a glycolic or salicylic acid, switch to a highly nourishing and repairing one, like Atopalm MLE Intensive Moisturizing Cream. Creams like this contain a high concentration of essential lipids and other ingredients that actually help the skin rebuild its natural defensive barrier that is often lost with the use of deeply exfoliating products. This one in particular is targeted towards extremely dry complexions and those who suffer from Rosacea or Eczema, so it is perfect for after-treatment care.

As long as you take good care of your skin after invasive treatments, and only have them done on occasion, your skin should remain clear, smooth, and youthful.

7 Responses to “Proper Skin Care After Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels”

  1. yvonne Horn

    First of all I am sure this stuff is good but I would like to say how in this world do you think the normal person can afford this? I mean I am just an average person age 61 female that works just to meet all the bills each month and anything over that is a luxury that I very seldom get. I do not put anything on my credit card because of all the interest rate that you have to pay…so it is really hard for me and my family to do much…my husband is retired and gets very little from social security and have had my grandaughter since birth and now she is expecting her first child living with me…Praise the lord my home is paid in full and we are luckier than some…also every advertisement I see is of someone younger in the 20’s and 30’s how come you never have someone’s picture in their late 50’s or 60’s? showing a line of skincare? No young person has the skin of someone that is 50 or 60 am I not right? why not make something for the older person that can really see the change? Try to work with the older lady in mind instead of a young person with young skin and young hair..also I am a hairdresser and I see this daily all the changes you see in hair…I have been doing it now for 40 years and believe me what a difference there is ..try putting something out there that is totaly different for the older female instead of just showing the young lady…there are some beautiful older ladies in america just try putting some photos out there for a change…

  2. Elizabeth

    Hello Yvonne, I am glad you took the time to read and comment on my post. I appreciate your response and am sorry that my blog seemed to be only geared to younger people. The focus topic was not particularly anti-aging, but just tips on how to care for your skin (at any age) after an in-office procedure.
    As far as not being able to afford expensive facials and products, (as most of us can’t) there are plenty of great and affordable skin care lines and treatments anyone can use at home that keep skin young and healthy.
    I have written some blogs that you might enjoy more, such as this one, on healthy hair growth or, this one on makeup tips for mature skin .
    Unfortunately, we are limited to using only commercially available images for our posts, and cannot always tailor them to be an exact match to our topic. I am sure if you look around our site a bit more you will come across some posts that will interest you, and relate to your individual skin care concerns and life style.
    Please continue reading, and feel free to comment or ask us questions, we love hearing your thoughts and opinions, as it helps us to know what our readers think and what they are interested in reading about.
    Thanks again for your awesome response, I hope this helps!
    All the best- Elizabeth

  3. robert

    Hi my name is Robert(46 yrs. old) and im from Europe. I had a microdermabrasie treatment a while ago and people around me complimented me about my skin. But after not having skin care adter the treatment my skin looks worse than ever. For all other readers, the bottomline of this article tells it all: “As long as you take good care of your skin after invasive treatments, and only have them done on occasion, your skin should remain clear, smooth, and youthful.”

  4. Tarah

    Hi, I had a microderm abrasion treatment ysterday and some parts of my skin is swollen and red, how long it takes to get to normal state? and how could I speed up the healing?
    Thank you

  5. Giana Forzareli

    Thank you for sharing this great information on the proper skin car post microdermabrasion. I have been researching this type of skin care for while now. There is still a few feelings of hesitation to this type of skin care because I fear how my skin will react. After reading this blog and research on microdermabrasion, I feel confident that I have nothing to fear. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to rid my fears.

  6. April

    I had Microdermabrassion diamond tip and it ruined my skin!! I had 4 sessions last one in 12/2012, Once I went in the sun in March 2013 the hyperpigmentation started brown and white spots everywhere and all the scars were VERY VISIBLE with high sunblock on all the scars became pink and you can clearly notice how deep they went on my skin and the pitting scars from the tool. I never had uneven or scarred skin. I now have multiple scars thanks to it and hyper pigmentation everywhere. My skin was find before but so many places talk you into doing micro and all the wonderful benefits but NEVER ever did they warn me of any of these side affects.. There should be a class suit against this thing. Im waiting to see if the hyperpigmentation one day goes away, which I pray it does then i have to research wat is a safe gentle way and all the risks to help remove the scarring it left! Read the SIDE EFFECTS!!!

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