Psoriasis Awareness Month: Beauty Cues to Love From Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

August is Psoriasis Awareness month and also happens to be the month that Kim Kardashian—who was recently diagnosed with the condition—tied the knot with Kris Humphries and had her fairytale wedding. Her skin and makeup looked absolutely gorgeous and a little extra color was added to perfect her facial beauty. Below are some beauty tips we can take from her special day including how she managed to avoid a Psoriasis flare up. 

Keep Psoriasis At Bay:

Extremely common, psoriasis is a disease that affects your skin cells; causing them to build up quickly on the surface of your skin. As a result, your skin may develop dry, itchy red patches. Kim helped draw awareness for psoriasis by disclosing publicly that she inherited this skin condition from her “Mom-ager” Kris Jenner. She Tweeted just weeks before the wedding, that she was on the search for a new psoriasis cream that’s effective. In addition to using a cream, she controlled her flare-ups with exercise, which helps your body achieve balance and has anti-inflammatory effects. It’s extra important for people with psoriasis to exercise regularly to benefit their overall health. Fortunately, Kim’s Psoriasis did not make an appearance on her wedding day and her skin appeared radiant and smooth.

Long Lushes Lashes

Kim wouldn’t be herself without her signature lashes. She wore several sets of false lashes on her big day for a double lash look. If falsies aren’t your thing, then you can prep a few weeks before by applying an eyelash conditioner such as MD lash factor for longer, healthier lashes. The great thing about MD Lash factor is that it’s created without the use of prostaglandin analogues, a commonly used drug with undesirable side effects and irritation. Even if you have sensitive eyes you can have beautiful lashes.

Bold Brows

Kim had her perfectly defined brows done by eyebrow expert Anastasia Soare, and they looked spectacular. Eyebrows can make or break the face and Kim’s full brows accentuated her bone structure and made her dark eyes pop.

Pink Blush and Lips

Celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic kept Kim’s look simple and clean with pink blush and glossy pink lips!  Applying more blush than usual gave her that extra glow.

I wonder if she was wearing her own Kim Kardashian beauty fragrance.

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