RACINNE Intertwines Science and Beauty


A collaboration of plant stem cell cultivation and biotechnology, skin care brand RACINNE was developed after seven years of R&D at one of the top laboratories in the world in South Korea. Utilizing active plant stem cells, functional peptides, recombinant proteins and biotechnology, RACINNE encompasses the mantra of knowing that science and beauty are deeply intertwined.

(Without boring you in a full biology lecture….) In plant biology, callus cells are those cells that cover a plant wound and can differentiate into a whole plant. Selecting only the most powerful plant extracts, RACINNE has harnessed these specific callus cells, and when applied topically, they literally reverse the signs of aging by self-repair. Another bonus: unlike conventional plant extracts, plant callus extracts don’t contain pesticide residues or contaminants. This Callus Cultivation Technology is used throughout their 3 collections, each with a unique plant specific to the skin concern.

RACINNE’s lab also discovered a class of highly functional “neuropeptides” which they synthesized to exactly mimic the human hormone “neuroendorphin”. This exclusive ingredient, SH-DP-9, promotes wound healing and tissue repair at a cellular level, actually teaching it skin to heal itself. (Wait, can they teach my hair to tame itself, too? Or my legs to shave themselves? Sounds too good to be true!)

RACINNE’S Ultimate Youth Power Series, aka anti-aging collection proudly uses Korean ginseng callus extract and the powerful anti-aging agent adenosine to enhance skin cell repair. By effectively activating collagen and elastin production, this collection corrects fine lines and large pores while stimulating blood circulation to deliver you a supple, youthful, confident radiance.

The Ultimate Aqua Blanc Series, aka brightening collection uses the most innovative callus cultivation technology which extracts precious snow lotus callus extract and a clinically approved whitening agent called niacinamide. With seven other whitening active ingredients (including pearl extract – who doesn’t want their skin to be pearlescent?) this collection fights off dark spots, balances oil distribution, promotes cell regeneration and of course, reveals glowing skin. This series is my favorite – the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Brightening Cream really lightened up some ugly dark scars on my cheeks!

The Ultimate Hydra Perfection Series, aka hydration collection uses highly refined grape callus extract to produce a strong antioxidant formula. Alone, this extract has an antioxidant capacity to prevent production of free radical damage up to 70%! When combined with seven other active ingredients, this formula repairs environmental skin damage to hydrate and lock in essential cell nutrients. The result? Brilliant, healthy skin.

Exclusive to DermStore in the United States, RACINNE seems to be taking the media by storm. They recently outfitted LA’s last Film Festival red carpet event in their branding – not to mention the growing number of beauty gurus trying to get their hands on this science savvy product. Oh, and keep your eyes out for RACINNE’s national print ad campaign which starts rolling out this summer in our favorite beauty mags!

We welcome you aboard with open arms, RACINNE! Science may not have been our forte in college, (beakers and test tubes are multipurpose flower vases, right?) but we are certainly open to letting your products educate our skin!

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