Real Girl Problems: Running out of Product

Summer’s end is approaching fast and my list of summer to-dos is far from over. Tons of items outside the list have been accomplished but not so much for my beauty regimen. During my hustle and bustle I’ve managed to run out of several of my go-to products—I’m partly blaming the Olympics, Kristen Stewart, that ridiculous barbie vs real woman and my obsessive need to pin and instagram. Throw work into the mix and I’m lucky I still have time to prep for the office in the morning. Today, getting ready for 2 days of meetings, I realized my favorite product, Oxygenetix has run out. In a near panic that would rival that of any high school frosh, I had to scrap from the back of the beauty cabinet. Tsk tsk! I’ve failed and crossed that dreaded line of letting my beauty regimen go. I could’ve easily avoided this mishap, had I signed up for auto refill but being a newbie to the Oxygentix cult following, I just wasn’t sure when I would be out. So all this got me thinking, what items of mine do I need backups of at all times? You know, those wonder products you pull a Vera Wang and buy 2 or more of? Well ladies, if you share, I’ll share so here is my list:

Top Picks:

Foundation: Oxygenating Foundation in Pearl by Oxygentix. I need to have this overnighted to me asap. My previous foundation is not cutting it.

Lip Stain: Tarte Cosmetics’s LipSurgence Natural Lip Tint in Moody. Everything about this item makes me happy. Plus it’s paraben-free and PETA approved. Simply my favorite new product. It’s creamy and the color is just right.

Eye Primer: Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue (My new favorite). I switched it up and started using the glitter enhanced version and love it. Adds more dimension to my eye shadows.

Be sure to post below your favorites. I’m always looking to hear what works best out there for others!

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