Reasons to Visit an Esthetician

Having a good esthetician and visiting them regularly for treatments is more than a luxury, it should be part of your monthly skin care routine. Here are some great reasons why you should incorporate a visit.

Get expert skin care advice

An esthetician is concerned with the health and beauty of the skin so if you have questions or concerns about the appearance of your skin an esthetician can help. They will examine your skin under a magnifying light and will see things that you don’t typically see while looking in the mirror. They can offer advice on treatments, routines and ingredients that would be most appropriate for your skin health and issues. If you happen to have a skin infection or an abnormal growth, you should visit a Doctor or Dermatologist to address those issues.

Get Pampered

A good facial should be a relaxing, indulging experience. A good esthetician will make this a priority and make you forget your problems (at least for the next hour). They can also help you discover new treatments that are available that you might not be able to do at home. These treatments can often times give you more dramatic results in a short amount of time.

Get to Know a Good Esthetician

Now that you know the importance of why you should see an esthetician on the “reg”, you should do your research and find one to visit often. We offer some wonderful treatments for all skin types at the DermStore Spa.  Get to know our staff and book your appointment now!

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