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Reduce Redness with Skin Medica

face redness

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One of the most common problems that I see with lighter skinned clients is facial redness in one form or another. Some experience severe face redness or slight blushing, but it can be annoying to deal with no matter what. Not only is it a more noticeable annoyance but it can be painful as well. Redness can also come along with acne, inflammation, sensitive skin or dryness and affect self-esteem. With any of these conditions, it’s important to use the right ingredients and skin care regimen to help reduce redness to achieve fresh, gorgeous skin. That’s where Skin Medica’s skin care line comes in as your pinch hitter and we’ve tried the line out to give you the details on their suggested skin care 1,2,3.

Starting with Skin Medica’s Facial Cleanser in the am or pm, this cleanser is great for dry, sensitive or post procedure skin. It’s a gentle foaming cleanser that will help thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and debris without damaging sensitive skin. I loved how creamy yet refreshing this cleanser is. It effectively removes makeup without dehydrating. Anything that dries out my skin, I’ll toss but this mild formula is just right.

Since gentle exfoliation is usually only about once a week for someone with rosacea, next to apply is the TNS Recovery Complex. Because the sun is a trigger for redness, this serum is made to repair and protect against sun damage. The red-like consistency of the serum might be a little strange to put on at first, but I think anyone who tries this will be pleasantly surprised. This gentle solution contains amino acids, antioxidants and proteins that aides the skin with its own natural repairing process. Supporting ingredients help repair blood vessels, reduce inflammation and encourage new cell growth  which are all imperative in helping reduce redness.  Not only is this great for redness but it’ll help improve your skin and help shrink fine lines and wrinkles for a healthy glow.

Anyone who has rosacea, redness or sensitive skin will always be on the hunt for calming and hydrating creams. Look no further, the Redness Relief CalmPlex is your knight in shining armor. Using this revolutionary moisturizer can relieve redness in as little as one week. Its unique ingredients target visible redness by treating underlying causes while calming and hydrating to produce radiant skin. Although, this may be a little heavy for someone with an oilier skin type, I’ve been in awe of this redness fighting moisturizer. Don’t forget your SPF! Another amazing one to pick up is Skin Medica’s Environmental Defense Sunscreen SPF 30. I’m currently obsessed with this SPF because of how light it feels on my skin and I feel like it’s helping my cold weather dry spots with the extra fragrance-free, UV protection. Paired with the Recovery Complex during the day, these two pack a powerful punch against redness.

Dermatologist founded and DermStore tested, this Skin Medica regimen is one to consider if you’re in the battle against redness.



  1. Posted March 29, 2011 at 10:02 am | Permalink

    I try to stay away from wine when I’m already feeling a little warm and getting fresh air helps too.

  2. kate
    Posted March 29, 2011 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

    I haven’t found any skincare to help yet but neutral toned makeup or skin care with a touch of self tanner helps a lot!

  3. Christine Watson
    Posted March 30, 2011 at 5:44 am | Permalink

    I drink a lot of water,use sun screen(our family has a high tendency to all types of skin cancer)I try to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Take vitamin D3 and don’t smoke and I do a lot of praying to GOD.

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