Rejuvenating Relief for Reddened Skin

1-coffee-500px-rounded-500x500Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects many people from Bill Clinton to Cameron Diaz, unfortunately the definitive cause of this pervasive proclivity for inflammation is still not yet known. Myriad theories range from hereditary factors to an overactive immune system to mites that live in the skin of the nose and cheeks. Whatever the cause, the results are hard to miss. Symptoms include a general and persistent “flushed” appearance to the skin with some severe cases exhibiting broken capillaries, swollen skin, stinging, burning, dryness, acne-like breakouts and hypersensitive skin on the face and upper chest area.

If you are like me, you probably don’t completely fit the bill when it comes to the type of person who is most likely to have rosacea. I have oily, medium-toned skin with the occasional breakout, and my sensitivity makes it very difficult to find properly astringent products that won’t inflame my skin. Whenever I eat spicy foods, drink alcohol or get angry my face and the upper center of my chest light up like a Christmas tree, which makes it awfully difficult for me to get away with wearing a dress shirt, Henley or V-neck without looking like I’m either really drunk or have just come from a run.

I received a couple of samples of the Revaleskin Intense Recovery Treatment with a DermStore order I placed over a year ago. I found that it really did help reduce my redness and keep my skin from going haywire with some the more purifying and balances aspects of my skin regimen. It should be considered a treatment serum and has a slightly thicker, syrupy texture that is slightly sticky but absorbs quickly into your skin without leaving any kind of unpleasant texture. It has a sweet coffee fragrance probably due to the large amount of coffee berry extract in the formula.

Coffee berries are an amazingly powerful source of antioxidants which target and neutralize damage-causing free radicals that manifest in your skin as a result of both external and internal aggressors. So in addition to preventing the visible signs of aging, this product also alleviates two potential rosacea triggers and helps keep your skin operating as it should. Sodium PCA is a naturally occurring humectant that our skin makes but as we get older our ability to produce this skin acid diminishes and with that, so goes our skin’s ability to prevent moisture loss. This compound augments our own lipid barrier to keep our skin hydrated as persistent dryness causes many skin irritations, not just rosacea.

I applied this treatment twice a day, morning and evening as part of my normal regimen and I’ve noticed a marked reduction of redness in my skin tone and it doesn’t cause any excess oil production. I no longer show any broken capillaries on the tip of my nose and it works great to reduce razor burn after I shave and tone. I absolutely love this product because it does more than just manage my super-sensitive skin. It also performs a variety of rejuvenating functions to keep the visible signs of aging at bay without causing irritation as so many potent serums and treatments can.

2 Responses to “Rejuvenating Relief for Reddened Skin”

  1. Kathy Comer

    I need help with my rosacia. I’m interested in your products that you have for controlling rosacia. Thank you.

  2. meital

    This sounds great, haven’t heard about this one before. Red light therapy works great for Rosacea as well.

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