Remove those Forehead Wrinkles, Frown Lines, and Loose Skin with Botox, the Wonder Drug

by Liz W

Frowning before Botox

Frowning before Botox (click image for a super close up)

frowning after Botox picture

Frowning as hard as I can 12 days after Botox (click for a super close up picture)

Botox Forehead before picture

Relaxed Forehead before picture (click image for a super close up)

Botox forehead after picture

Relaxed forehead after Botox (click picture for a super closeup)

If you’ve tried every lotion, potion, and cream, but just can’t seem to fully erase those frown lines or tighten that loose skin, then chances are, you’ve considered taking the plunge and trying Botox. To some, Botox is something they would NEVER even dream about, but I think that Botox just has a bad reputation. After all, everyone knows that being the best of the best is going to put you in the spotlight, which can shine a light on both the good and the bad.

The main complaints with Botox include,

“It is rat poison”


“You will look like a frozen China doll”


“My sister’s-friend’s-dog-sitter’s-cousin got Botox, and half her face fell an inch lower than the other half!” (OK…)

Well, I am here to say that although there are SOME cases of strange Botox mishaps, if used moderately and done with extreme precision, Botox can effectively soften eye and forehead lines, and look completely natural.

If you are considering Botox for the first time, you will probably have some of the same questions that I had, so I will hopefully be able to answer them for you. In order to find out all the details for a first-timer, I took on the (oh-so-grueling) task of taking the morning off to visit the gorgeous offices of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jason Litner. I asked him every question I could possibly think of while he so graciously removed my forehead wrinkles, and left feeling like an expert myself.


The first thing that I wanted to know was how much it was going to cost. $10-$15 a unit is the industry standard, but that doesn’t help if you have no idea how many units you will need. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to this question, as the severity of people’s wrinkles varies greatly. I had around 20-30 units, 2.5 of which were injected under each eyebrow (for an instant brow lift) and the rest in my forehead. This is a very small “preventative” dose, and should be considered the very lowest price point expected. If you have deep lines, and wish to get Botox in multiple places, the number of units can go as high as 80 or more. Basically, it’s up to you and your doctor, and you shouldn’t be afraid to discuss price with him or her if you are unsure of the cost.


The next thing I wanted to find out was how much it hurt. If you are avoiding getting it for a fear of the pain involved, get on your phone and make an appointment, because it doesn’t hurt in the least. It is done with a tiny insulin needle, and to me, felt like a barely noticeable pinprick.


The other Botox mystery I wanted to resolve was why the before-and-after pictures found on the internet are always of someone frowning or raising their brows, and then relaxing them completely for the after shot.

I always thought, “Well of COURSE their wrinkles are gone, they aren’t frowning!”

But what I didn’t realize was the “after” shots are of the person attempting to make the same face they had made in the before shot. That makes them a lot more convincing to me. (You can see on my before-and-after pictures, I did a frowning and relaxed version to show the actual wrinkles that were eliminated.)

Margin For Error

Finally, I wanted to hear from the expert himself how likely it really was to have a drooping eyelid, an uneven face, or any of the other crazy things that can happen, happen to me, and he not only said he has never come across it in his whole career, but the estimated statistic is 1/1,000 patients. When you add in other variables to that number, like under trained doctors, and counterfeit Botox, that number gets even lower.

The Expert Touch!

Being lucky enough to see one of the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills may have swayed me a little bit, but I am now a huge fan of this wonderful little neurotoxin. After my procedure, I was completely amazed by my results, and couldn’t be more satisfied with my new smooth forehead. It takes about 2 weeks to get the full effect, since the Botox slowly kills the little neurotransmitters in your muscles around the injection site, relaxing them over time, instead of all at once. It is by far one of the best ways to look younger.

If you are interested in finding a Botox expert in your area, you can search our giant database of plastic surgeons and dermatologists to find a professional near you, but if you are in Southern California, I highly recommend Dr. Jason Litner. He is extremely knowledgeable, his office is in an amazing location and he even has his own skin care brand, Jolie MD.

If you have any questions about my Botox experience please comment below, and I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

4 Responses to “Remove those Forehead Wrinkles, Frown Lines, and Loose Skin with Botox, the Wonder Drug”

  1. Caitlin Regan

    Wow. It makes me want to re-think my previous prejudice against using fillers.

  2. Kristen LaRue


    You might have just changed my perspective on the injections! I have always been very wary about their effects, but you make some valid points about its benefits.


  3. Bebe

    I thought I knew everything about skin care until I used Shielo’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer. I have pretty good skin and at 50 still look around 35. I tried the Shielo AntiAging Moisturizer because I researched the ingredients and friends of mine had seen alot of benefit. Well.

    The effect of the Shielo Moisturizer, after a couple of days of use, was this. I had one line on my forehead. A deepish one. It is gone. I was developing fine lines around my eyes (bought the eye cream, could not resist). They are gone. I had a sunken, tired look (I work very, very hard). Now no one believes I need a break! My skin looks beautiful. I think using different products that are proven to work is a good idea, but I will always, always, always use Shielo as well.

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