Restore Your Skin with Clinicians Complex

Bigger lips, longer lashes, smoother skin and no age spots! Curious how all these things can come true? Well with the help of a brand called Clinicians Complex, all of those things are possible! Clinicians Complex provides a thorough regimen for adult skin. Their products address those common concerns so many want to reverse such as wrinkles, sun damage and adult acne. The wonderful thing about this line is that they use only the highest grade pharmaceutical ingredients to protect and restore your skin.

My favorite Clinicians Complex product is their amazing Microdermabrasion Cream. There are so many benefits to Microdermabrasion, however getting it done by a Dermatologist can get pricey! That’s why this at-home exfoliant is such a great buy. This cream is formulated with the same diamond-shaped magnesium oxide crystals used in many professional machines, and after one use I promise you will be left with a smoother improved texture. This product helps combat fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and adult acne. I use this two to three times a week, and have noticed a big change in my skin! I especially love the scent of this cream, and have noticed that the crystals are extremely fine. Some other creams have had too large of crystals and felt like I was rubbing sand on my face, not quite the most fantastic feeling!

Another product by Clinicians Complex that intrigued me was their Very Berry, Lip Enhancer. This gloss comes in a total of five shades and is a treatment that dramatically improves the color and size of lips! Your lips will appear fuller within two minutes of application and a slight tingling will take place. I have tried other limp plumping glosses, and this is the first I am truly satisfied with. 

Amongst my two favorite products of this line, Clinicians Complex exhibits a range of goods that are fabulous! For instance, do you or anyone you know suffer from varicose veins? They have a cream that helps diminish the appearance of varicose veins, which works to boost circulation and strengthen vein walls. Or do you or anyone you know have a cosmetic surgical procedure coming up? They also have a bruise cream which is professional strength to be used before and after a cosmetic surgery. This cream aims to prevent, heal and improve bruised and otherwise damaged skin.

 Clinicians Complex has something for everyone, and this family run company truly works hard to make sure they are delivering the best of what they offer!

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