Road Tested: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Collection

I’ll admit it: I have issues when it comes to remaining loyal to skin care brands and products. Serious issues. I mean, of course there are a handful of favorites I always go back to. But with so much awesome stuff landing on my desk on a daily basis, how am I supposed to commit to anything? Anyway, one thing that prompts me to try new products on a ridiculously frequent basis is my inner struggle regarding natural/organic skin care products. I love the general idea behind them, but I also love the science that backs their clinical skin care counterparts. So whenever something comes around that makes me feel I’m getting the best of both worlds, I’m happy.

Enter the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Collection, which combines clean, pure ingredients (100% natural and certified organic, mind you) with the ability to make things happen. Among the products I tried: Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer, Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment, and Stem Cellular Repair CC Cream. Each of them is a treat for its deliciously fresh, citrusy scent—and each promises a little instant gratification in the way of smoother, suppler, healthier-feeling skin. In case you’re wondering about the stem cell aspect of these products, they come from fruit (apples, to be exact) and they’re meant to encourage cell turnover—a vital skin function that, as you probably know, slows as we age.

What I like the most about the eye treatment is its lightweight yet nourishing texture—ditto for the moisturizer, which makes a great night cream AND works nicely under makeup. As for the CC cream, it contains a high (20%) percentage of zinc oxide, which really is nature’s best defense against the sun. Zinc is so good for you, used topically or taken via a supplement! Given that, it’s consistency is a little more hearty and thick than most tinted moisturizers—but the coverage is completely natural-looking and the unique earthy smell is heavenly.

Have you tried any of the items in the Juice Beauty Stem Cellular collection? Do you love them?

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  1. Dabalash

    This is nice product. I like this juice beauty products. Its good for skin also.

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