Short Hair IS Sexy

Karlie Kloss, a Victoria’s Secret Angel, took the clippers to her hair just a few days before the ever-amazing annual runway show last year. She revealed a very blunt bob, but Victoria’s Secret decided to cover it up with mermaid-length extensions for the show. Now however, they’ve embraced the chin-grazing cut, never before seen on an angel, surprisingly to the dismay of many fans who think short hair isn’t sexy???

I was absolutely stunned to hear some of the reactions coming out of people’s mouths over the short do. From a modest, “I’m not feeling it, and this is coming from a Karlie fan,” to a more abrupt, “It isn’t sexy…Karlie would fit in much better without that Mall of America hair.” Umm…are you serious random halfwits?  Those of you who think short hair isn’t sexy are absolutely stupid, and to prove this, I’ve collated a collection of short-haired beauties that will surely remind you of this fact. Oh, and of course Karlie Kloss and her amazing do makes the list. So, what do you think of these gorgeous women?


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