Skin Care On-The-Go

skin care on-the-go

Summertime means travel time for most of us. And while that’s wonderful, travel is tough on our skin for many reasons:

  • You are out of your normal routine, including your daily skin care regimen
  • Your skin care products are too big and bulky to travel with, especially on airlines…or you forgot them
  • Whenever you leave your daily environment, chances are high that the climate will be different and this great affects the condition of your skin
  • Sitting in the recycled air of an airplane (or even a car) dehydrates your skin
  • You are exposed to UV rays during travel and spending more time outside
  • You are drinking, staying up late, waking up early, laying out in the sun

Depending on your skin type, these stressors can leave your skin looking dull, tired, older, or even cause breakouts. So,  what can you do to keep your skin looking great while enjoying time away from home?  Here are some tips that don’t require a lot of thought or planning.

  1. Hydrate!  This is number 1.  Because of the dehydrating conditions of travel, warmer weather and major changes in your environment and routine, drinking lots of water is essential.  Start drinking extra water before you leave and work in a glass or bottle of water every chance you get.
  2. Try to keep makeup to a minimum while in transit, especially on the plane.  Apply a great hydrating serum (I like our Argan Stem Cell Serum) and moisturizer with SPF to hold in moisture.  If you can’t go without, it is essential to wash off as soon as your reach your destination!  (Have you ever looked in the mirror in the airport restroom and felt like you were looking at yourself 10 years in the future?!?)  Personally, I just apply a little eye makeup and lip balm.  Extra tip:  Keep lip balm on hand all the time while travelling!
  3. Pack your essential skin care products (at least cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen).  If there are trial/travel sizes available in your brand of choice, use them! Otherwise, pack them in travel size containers yourself.  If you have a handheld microdermabrasion system, like our RejuvadermMD, bring that along too.  Doing a microderm treatment before bed will remove all of that “travel” from your skin and give you a little pampering time as well!  Continue to follow your skin care regimen while you are away from home.  Failing to cleanse your skin at the end of the day will undo all the effort you put in to keep your skin young and hydrated.
  4. Work in some healthy foods wherever you can!  Salads and fruit plates can really help you continue to hydrate from the inside.  Avoid salty and fried foods as much as possible.

I hope these tips help you in planning your next getaway.  I can’t wait to see those travel pictures on social media.  I live vicariously through my friends’ exotic travel pics, that is when I’m not on vacation myself!

About the Author:

LisaLisa Sodolak is the Marketing Coordinator for Trophy Skin (, maker of the MicrodermMD and a full line of home skincare devices.   Lisa works daily with customers helping them get the best results with their home microdermabrasion treatments.  Lisa resides in Frisco, TX with her husband, 2 sons and 2 dogs.

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