skyn ICELAND’s Balm to Calm!

How many times have we received the same advice about what happens to our well-being when we are put under stress? About a million. Groupon throws thousands of “stress-relieving” massages at us for discounted rates, advertisers say we need sleep performance sheets to aid in our stress driven lack of Z’s, and fitness gurus insist we take yoga classes to achieve a stress-free peaceful mindset. I am sure those are all great pieces to the stress relieving puzzle… but what about my poor skin?!

Already prone to breakouts and acne scarring – I know firsthand the repercussions of what added stress does to my skin. Toss in some environmental aggressors, inevitable failed attempts to drinking extra water, and everyday irritation from the countless beauty products I insist on testing, and I have myself a nice little recipe for the ultimate skin circus nightmare.iceland

Good thing skyn ICELAND thought of it all. Their whole collection is geared toward the consumer who has stressed skin issues – but one product in particular that I have incorporated into my skin care regimen is the Arctic Hydrating Balm. I was actually hesitant to try the balm in the first place, as the word balm makes me think of thick, heavy chapstick. No way does my crazy combination skin need a face chapstick. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the balm absorbs without feeling like a mask of wax. It works as a great nighttime moisturizer to combat dryness while I sleep, especially since my apartment resembles the temperature of Iceland right now (my sister refuses to let me use the heat. What a cheapo.).

After applying only in the evenings for about two weeks, I saw less dryness around my problem areas and an even, smoothe texture over my cheeks. I don’t think this product is necessarily supposed to fight against my annoying acne issues – however I do think it is playing an important role in balancing out and calming down by skin’s relentless cry for help. The balm’s Red Arctic Algae soothes the skin to promote better tone and texture and Gooseberry Extract actually regulates skin temperature to decrease inflammation.

Well, at least I can take control of some temperatures… take that older sister who won’t let me regulate our icebox of an apartment!

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