Sonya Dakar’s Botox in a Bottle

Here in Southern California we are blessed with beautiful weather and during the summer months, everyone is soaking up sunshine and vitamin D. We all know how important it is to protect our skin from harmful UV rays with a high quality SPF sunscreen. I recently discovered a fabulous sunscreen that is filled with lovely oils and has anti-aging properties.

Sonya Dakar recently revealed some of the latest anti-aging skincare technology in their MicroVenom Daily Defense SPF 30 Face and Body products. This cutting edge science utilizes synthetic snake venom and apple stem cell technology.

MicroVenom technology is fascinating because it truly is synthetic snake venom or “Synake.” This ingredient has the ability to temporarily inhibit muscle activity and therefore prevent future fine lines or wrinkles.

Those of you who are not familiar with apple stem cell technology, are about to be blown away!  There was a very rare Swiss apple discovered in Switzerland in the 18th- century. They have particularly long shelf lives and extremely active stem cells. They have the ability to regenerate other cells, including human cells. These apple stem cells can help reverse the signs of aging and reveal radiant skin.

I have super sensitive skin and was very impressed with this highly active formula that caused no irritation whatsoever. The body sunscreen was not greasy and smells wonderful.  I had no desire to quickly hop in the shower after spending all day at the beach!  I am now confident that this is a safe and cheaper alternative to botox!

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