Spa Week: Discounted Health & Beauty Spa Treatments

by Liz W

Spa Week user thomaswanhoff

Spa Week is that wonderful event that happens twice a year where anyone can indulge in health and beauty spa treatments usually reserved for the rich and famous.

Spas all across the country offer select treatments that normally cost anywhere from $100 to $500 for only $50! The $50 price tag for all services included gives people who work in the industry, and people who just enjoy it, a chance to experience treatments they would normally not try, and see what is being offered elsewhere.

In order to be a part of this seemingly exclusive club, all you have to do is sign up at and then book the appointment of your dreams.

Deals start out as modest discounts and include items like the Peter Thomas Roth oxygen facial at Facelogic spa in Carlsbad California, that normally start at around $90. But there are also some massive savings for treatments like laser hair removal at Laser Cosmetica. Laser hair removal usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag; starting around $500 per treatment and goes up quickly from there.

Some things to remember when deciding on what to partake in during Spa Week, are:

1. Plan ahead. The appointments for the participating services are limited, and the faster you book it, the higher your chances are of getting a spot.

2. Make sure you mention Spa Week when you make your appointment. Many spas have a few similar-sounding treatments, and if you don’t specify, they are likely to schedule for a regular-priced treatment, and that would be a pretty nasty surprise, especially if you are presented with a $500 bill at the end of your would-be $50 treatment.

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